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    Picked up a Grecom PSR-800

    If you have DMR users in your area, then it may be worth it, I'd say it really boils down to if you feel the need to listen to DMR. Most public safety, if digital, is P25 - sometimes you'll find public works departments on DMR, but never police / fire or ems. The only other use would be private...
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    Taking my HAM test Saturday

    Just saw this - congrats from AB1JU! That ICOM is a nice radio - I have an older ICOM 7000, but I hardly use it these days. I never got into D-Star much, my brother did a bit, but he's not that active in it these days. (And, I don't have any nearby D-Star repeaters where I am.) I've gone mostly...
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    Radar Detector help in NC

    Welcome! I am also in the Foothills - I usually see State cars with Ka, (They also like to hide with I/O, so range can be important!) locals with Ka and a few that still have K (Elkin for one..) X band is no longer in use in NC, you can turn that band off. You won't see much laser in this part...
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    Half Day Visit to Atlanta

    We did the coca cola museum and CNN in one day - not sure you'll be able to fit the aquarium in as well. The soda to avoid is called Beverly - it's bad. It's so bad they have a magnet that says "I tasted Beverly in Atlanta" (Of course, I was intrigued, so I did taste it, and I do have that...
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    Car accident

    Well, that's great news... reading all this over, I was getting a little worried as I saw it this way: Current points = 6 Possible points from ticket = 4 Possible points for causing property damage = 3 Total = 13, or, time for a hearing on them taking your license. Glad it worked out the way it...
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    K-band use in Eastern NC?

    Dobson may, I'm not sure either. But Elkin does. That I am sure of. They try to be sneaky, but... V1 wins that fight.
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    Do kidney stones count as a save?

    I'll have to remember that one... I just passed a 2-3mm stone last friday. Luckily, my urologist and I have history - this is my 6th. No fun, but Doc agrees with my philosophy of "No pain, No pain." So with the meds, it wasn't as bad as it could be. Still wouldn't want to wish it on anyone...
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    K-band use in Eastern NC?

    In Wilkes and Surry the sheriffs and a couple locals have K band. I'm suspecting that the eastern section of the state is not K band heavy at all, where the western portion still uses them. But as I rarely go to the eastern side, take that as you will.
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    NJ Neighbor hit car story and legalish question

    It looks like the penalties for refusing to take the initial breath test begin with a suspension of your license for seven months and a fine from $300 to $500. And that's when you are charged with the DUI, you don't have to be convicted / have your court date yet. So in theory, he shouldn't be...
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    Flying American Airlines with a radar detector

    I've carried my radar detector (V1), handheld amateur radios, mobile amateur radios and HF antenna parts in my carryon. No real issues, they of course ran it through x-ray twice and pulled it aside for manual inspection. I did have a copy of my FCC license plus all manuals to prove the items...
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    Burned out LED

    Maybe you could try these? This company gets great reviews on their bulbs on my Chevy forum.
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    NC/SC meet

    I thought of that, but we were only up for a couple of days. No time, really. We'll be up again for Christmas for a bit longer... I'll let you know.
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    NC/SC meet

    I could go with another round of testing... it's been a while. Charlotte area would work.
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    Feeler for a group deal - Colored Concealed Remote display for V1

    Got mine back the other day - awesome! Thanks for the great job!
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    Feeler for a group deal - Colored Concealed Remote display for V1

    Looks great! Thanks for the awesome job! Ship away....