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    UNIDEN R7 - All discussions relating to mounting your R7

    He’s got them listed now just ordered one. Thanks for the tip.
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    Couldn’t believe my eyes today when I saw a damn blacked out F150 4x4 running 34.7 on I-10 today in IOWA. You see law enforcement in pickups all the time out west but it’s really uncommon in south Louisiana. Beware!!!
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    Harris County Constable in a Tacoma

    Saw him again today in the same spot but didn’t get a pic. It is confirmed Precinct 5 1559624757 Wasn’t running radar so might have been a decoy or he may have been napping 1559626134
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    Do women use radar detectors?

    My wife uses an old 8500X50 KA only lol. I've given her a few books to read on how police radar works and we've discussed the strategies and technologies LEOs employ for hours in great detail on road trips. She's easily as well versed as me, she's loving the new R7 I bought lol
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    Technical and customer support

    Thanks immediately after posting this I got the email from the support department. Thanks for your help.
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    Technical and customer support

    Hello there @UnidenSupport just purchased an R7 last week from BB and the power cord was toast right out of the box. I’m using a cord I already had currently. I’ve went through the online product registration process and tried to submit a warranty claim on Saturday I believe and haven’t heard...
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    Your First Impressions R7- Post your first impressions/reviews here

    Made a huge leap in technology yesterday. Went from an unsegmented Magnum STI to the R7. Made a quick trip to Louisiana last night for mother’s day(300 miles). I’ve been running with K Band off for at least 5 years because of all the Falses. I made this trip with k narrow on, k filter on, MRCD...
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    Radar in South Africa?

    Awesome to have an in with a local, much appreciated.
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    Radar in South Africa?

    I have used the hazards extensively to show my appreciation! Also was surprised to see that flashing the lights is a universal heads up for law enforcement. I did see one average speed enforcement system outside of CAPETOWN. I saw maybe a handful of lidar traps like you pointed out along the...
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    Radar in South Africa?

    So a quick update. Didn't actually bring my magnum ended up bringing the old Escort 8500X50. That thing hasn't made a peep in over 700 miles of driving so far, no BSM vehicles I guess?!? The police only use those stationary mounts like you attached a picture of and not only that but they do it...
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    Radar in South Africa?

    Thanks for the info. I did some googling and saw that about the stationary traps, guess I’ll have to keep my foot out of it. Probably still bring the Sti magnum to see what kind of radar I can pick up
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    Radar in South Africa?

    Heading down to South Africa tomorrow and was curious what sorts of radar/lidar is in use. Flying into and out of JNB but will ride the coast down to Cape Town before heading back up to Kruger. Any input on equipment and or enforcement tactics would be appreciated.
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    New police cars

    These new police cars are pretty rad
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    Wow creative!

    I’ve run into something similiar in SW Louisiana by the LSP. Laying down tucked up to the tree line in belly high grass. Got me for 77 in a 55, god bless our ever vigilant heroes.
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    Harris County Constable in a Tacoma

    I didn’t catch the plate or the precinct. It was at BW8 and lake Houston parkway on the southbound side. That’s definitely news that roll in personal vehicles.

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