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    So Hows Your Redline EX

    After I received my V1 I no longer use the EX on a regular basis. The unit is very large, especially for a stealth detector. Range is 75% or less of the top tier detector. I had to send mine back twice to have the board resoldered - it stopped detecting Ka both times. The BSM Falsing on...
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    Have the bugs all been worked out for the V1G2?

    My V1G2 is just slightly better than my R7/R3 on 34.7. Rear is certainly better. It also beats my O, Plus, 2 redlines (one hotter and handpicked by larry) and Magnum quite easily. On Stalker Patrols (24.125) its not as good as the R3/R7 and plus. The filtering is also better than any of...
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    Video: Are radar detectors affected by tint? BMW M3, VW, and Tesla glass tested!

    Can different radar signals be attenuated differently (k vs ka and even 33.8 vs 35.5)? This test was completed with K band, but it would seem different wavelengths would be attenuated at a different % as they pass through the same material. I dont know what kind of a difference it would...
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    NY created photo blocking license plates

    My favorite was HITMAN, there was also a number of racially insensitive, gang and mob references I wont repeat., I never asked any questions about them. Some were also rejected plates, caught after they were made. For obvious reasons my cell phone was left at the guard entrance, so no...
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    NY created photo blocking license plates

    Those Empire and Empire Gold plates were designed to fail after a certain amount of time. The quality of the coatings and application process were reduced back around 2006 or so, not to really save costs, but to decrease the life of the plate. The costs are pretty low to begin with as labor...
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    ***Updated Second Generation Valentine One No Issues Thread***

    Received about 3/5 - no issues yet. Don't have it in front of me for the serial #.
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    Is your V1G2 still OK?

    I have an Iphone so no JBV1
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    Is your V1G2 still OK?

    I tried the Verifier off for a while but the False alerts were a little too much. I would just rather not speed through those areas. I have not had a patrol encounter with the Verifier off as of yet, so I don't know how much it would help. It would be nice if I could swap profiles (like...
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    Is your V1G2 still OK?

    Not as low as the Falcons.... but lower than normal.
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    Is your V1G2 still OK?

    Big A all the time wit hV1 driver. Stalker Patrols are low(er) powered and with over the hill or off axis my range on some encounters have been less then 1/8 mile. I never get great range, but with the Plus or R3/R7, I get almost twice the distance against the Patrols than the V2 - much of...
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    Is your V1G2 still OK?

    No issues here after about 70 days and still driving petty much every day. This is the best 34.7 Ka detector I have owned. K band however leaves a lot be be desired against the Stalker Patrols.
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    Boosting Ka 2/4/5/8 range?

    There is lots of K in your area as was pointed out, The state gave out hundreds of stalker patrols throughout upstate, including Westchester county. You will also see it on the Taconic at times and in Windham, several sheriffs an locals now use Stalker patrols.
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    QR codes and Escort Live?

    I wonder what premium services would provide any extra value over Waze that someone would pay for? Maybe the premium service is just the old app back where the functionality to mute, etc is just better - Or even maybe the premium service is just having the waze reports back in EL. Now I...
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    BC Excessive Speeding Austin martin & Audi

    I can assure you that they do in fact work at 115mph, at less than 1000 feet. You can drop speed a lot quicker than you think, even without the best of brakes.
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    Anyone in the Northeast ever use a Car Shipping service?

    I have not had too many great experiences using a third party shipper. About 50% of the time the cars come with some minor dings and scratches or other issues. Sometime the interior has some new marks on the seats, extra dirt and grease as the shipper/Trucker might need to drive and back...