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    Should Vortex reevaluate the Escort 360C and The Escort new live app in Feb 2019?

    Yeah, it’s Windows only currently with the 360c. WiFi is the only option for us Mac users...
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    Should Vortex reevaluate the Escort 360C and The Escort new live app in Feb 2019?

    What for? Personally I don’t think that’s all that big a deal. The TXCTG did a test like that and the V1 beat all the non-rear antenna detectors, but IMHO, the biggest appeal of a rear antenna is not added rear range but rather directional arrows.
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    Should Vortex reevaluate the Escort 360C and The Escort new live app in Feb 2019?

    I think the lockup bug updates are even bigger news, especially for the 360c which can use WiFi and doesn’t need the app in the first place. I’ve been running the 360 and 360c lately and have been liking it. Reasonable range, better BSM filtering than the R3, arrows, autolockouts, Bluetooth...
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    R3 Doorstop

    So speaking of which, the R7 is coming with an updated power cable that should improve reliability and build quality. They're using a new supplier and the front face of the power cable will be angled towards the driver. Features and functionality should be the same, but I think the improved...
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    R1/R3 1.48 Firmware

    I'm going back through our previous discussions to refresh my memory of the different details and tests that were done while beta testing. Here's some additional information regarding the changes with 1.48: Detector is now very reactive to K band QT, even when TSF enabled Detector reactivity to...
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    R1/R3 1.48 Firmware

    Yeah it looks like they haven't updated that section yet. If you go to the normal area, scroll down to click on the gray button labeled Firmware, you'll find 1.48 there. Radar Detectors - Uniden Support
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    R1/R3 1.48 Firmware

    wow lol, blast from the past :D
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    R1/R3 1.48 Firmware

    Yeah, but it’ll just be a quick video letting people know it’s out and briefly what the changes are. Nothing super in depth.
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    Escort Max 360c alerts at full strength from work sign

    Are you running in Auto or AutoNoX by chance? See if it still happens in Highway mode.
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    Uniden R7 exterior design

    I'm somewhere in the middle too. I think it's okay, I like the big LCD screen and the angled display, but I really wish they kept the mute button up front like the R3. The raised bump is on the Mark button on the side, not the Mute button, and I'm not sure if that'll make it easier or harder to...
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    How many Acuras/Hondas did you detect today with your R series? I now call it the "HONDA DETECTOR"

    Yeah I agree that it's annoying. I generally get several per drive. Luckily the rampup is pretty chill with the R's and it doesn't go full tilt I/O the way it does with detectors like the iXc or Redline EX, but yeah the falses are annoying and there's not much you can do short of switching to a...
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    EBay TSS

    Looks like someone swooped in and sniped the listing at the last second. Bummer. I've been wanting one of these for ages now. Oh well... It happens. Thanks everyone! :)
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    Max360 v1.7 - Standard+ Tones NOT working

    hm, is Standard Plus supposed to give a single beep or double beep? I don't remember. Either way, last night I had a two bogey 34.7 detection and I got a beep when it picked up the second bogey. This is with firmware 1.10 on a 79x Max360.
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    Am I the only one disappointed that the R3 is not getting automated GPS lockouts?

    Oops! You're right. My apologies. I had two posts quoted and only wanted to respond to one, and it looks like I incorrectly edited things when trying to clear out the other post. Sorry about that. I fixed it. :) Thanks for letting me know!
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    Max360 / Max360c - New Firmware updates 1/14/19 - 'Lock Up Issue Fix'

    I hear you. Trying to figure out what Escort does and why is often an exercise in frustration.