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    If everything goes right I will be posting ultrasound pics in few hours wish us luck.

    Fingers crossed and good luck!!
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    If everything goes ok I am looking into a baby monitor but what's the I/O for a baby? Do babies accept HDMI or DVI?! Any recommendations would be we

    I did a bunch of research on this lately and didn’t see anything that met all the criteria I’m looking for. What I’ve done is use different solutions for audio and video. For video I grabbed another Reolink C2 Pro. I use their security cameras around the house and they are great. I love the...
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    Road rage: Car almost sideswipes truck

    Yeah it makes me wonder what happened before they got to me that would cause the cat to act that way here.
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    Looking to buy new radar detector which one ? Redline EX or Uniden R7

    Welcome! Each has its advantages. R7: Longer range, better BSM filtering, arrows, bigger display. Redline EX: More solid build quality, fully RDD immune, better mount, autolockouts, cloud integration, speed limit on display, more international gun support. Between the two, I prefer the R7...
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    Road rage: Car almost sideswipes truck

    This evening I captured some road rage with two cars nearly colliding behind me. The side cam was helpful in capturing the whole thing.
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    With all the negative posts lately.....

    :D :D
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    Blackvue Return

    I’ve had several A119 series dashcams fail on me. I’ve had a lens get loose and wobble side to side, an LCD that crapped out, and a USB port that broke by me inserting the cable improperly. I think failure rates to some extent happen with anything. It sucks, but sometimes it happens and...
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    Escort 360c latest Version question

    This was already answered for you in another thread. If you search the forum, all the references for 1.10 are for the original 360. You have a 360c which will let you know whenever a new version is available for your detector. Don’t...
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    What's the differences? Passport Max to Max 360/Max 360C

    RLC updates are quick and are released more often. FW updates are the ones that take closer to 10 min. I do wish the detector could download the update first and then apply the update. This way you could sit in your driveway for a minute or two and then have it update while you drive. Currently...
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    What's the differences? Passport Max to Max 360/Max 360C

    The original 360 is a better deal, IMHO. Escort may be discontinuing it though. It’s no longer available from some distributors. Overall I prefer the 360c now though. I like the heftier build quality, smaller size, improved magnetic mount, and WiFi for firmware updates and RLC updates. Escort...
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    5 Best Radar Detectors Aug 2019 Ripped off Vortex Pic

    haha yeah the authors of most of these comparison reviews just read marketing points and sales pages (360 degree detection! Detect all the latest instant on guns! Whoa!) which is why this stuff sounds so absurd. If they actually took the time to, I don’t know, mount the detectors on their...
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    Twin babies found dead and ‘foaming at the mouth’ in back of Bronx car

    haha yeah exactly. We're all wired differently so things affect us all differently. Whether it's being more susceptible to sleep deprivation, heart disease, or depression. Some of us are predisposed to being more intelligent or understanding or fast paced. Some people prefer a Uniden, a...
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    New VIOFO Dash Cams: A129 Pro 4K / A119 V3

    That’s a good question. Let’s see... Resolution: 1440p30 Parking Mode: Auto event detection Parking G-sensor: High Parking motion detection: Middle sensitivity Time lapse recording: Off Motion detection: Off GPS: On Voltage cutoff: 11.8v Firmware 1.01. I’m about to update to 1.02.