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    CarPlay and audio output

    So what I'm looking for is to never have my radar detector mute my radio. Driving around with the NR DSP, I found it annoying to have my music keep getting muted every time I got a false alert. Ideally I want my music to always play and have my radar detector audio play over top of that, just...
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    CarPlay and audio output

    Yeah it should work find if you plan on listening to music coming from your phone. It's different if you want to listen to live radio or XM.
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    So a game changing new detector with better BSM filtering, real DSP, arrows, never before seen features, and should be shown at SEMA? I fly out to the show in two weeks, but I want to go ahead and charge up my camera batteries and start packing. :D
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    CarPlay and audio output

    haha of course! Is Android able to do this specific thing though when running over Android Auto? or does all audio also get piped through into the vehicle stereo like with iOS?
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    haha my guess is it’s an interpretation of the MPH Bee III “stinging” you with POP or I/O radar. :)
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    Best Radar Detectors of 2019 Video

    Yeah that’s something I still struggle with. There’s people whose websites and videos rank better than mine, yet the quality of their recommendations is... well, you know... :) I guess bots are different than enthusiasts passionate on a topic which gives leverage to people whose focus is...
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    New New rules...

    Thanks Kasher. I’m glad you guys are gonna talk about it and come up with what you feel is an appropriate way to approach things. I hope that however the rule/criteria is structured regarding posting content from other websites, everyone plays by the same rules. I don’t want any special...
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    New New rules...

    Right, and if that's the case, until the rules get amended, if they do, then I think my thread should be deleted. The rules apply to everyone equally no matter what. I know the new administration is working on updated rules to the forum, but until that time, I believe all the old rules apply...
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    3 mile detection.. DFR7. Yeah they suck on 33.8?

    Maybe you did. Who knows? Let me know next time you wanna test and I can send you a 33.8 gun if you like. :)
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    V1 WILL be updated

    Of course. Often times you can still get enough range against C/O, but remember, we all drive in different areas and even our own encounters will vary from one to another. Something can work great for one person in one area and not so great in another area or in a different situation. Saying...
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    V1 WILL be updated

    You know that has nothing to do with why off-axis sensitivity is important, yes? Imagine an officer shooting I/O around a bend or down a curvy road and your only chance to detect him is when the signal is coming directly to your detector off-axis before you get to the straightaway. That can...
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    V1 WILL be updated

    The V1 is useless against MRCD no matter the mode. The only way to get any detection against it is to disable TMF which means your detector will false incessantly. Plus it has no unique differentiation between K band from MRCD and any of the other 10,000 false K band alerts you're going to get...
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    New New rules...

    I'm glad you're bringing this up. It's something I've actually wrestled with myself. Now that I post affiliate links in my video and on my website to make a living, does that conflict with the forum in any way? I'm not a manufacturer or vendor and I don't sell radar detectors. I test and review...
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    NetRadar ARF - The Cat's Meow!

    So I've had a chance to mark a few more signals via ARF on both Android and iOS. On Android, it says "muted," continues to beep, and then ramps down for a few sec before going silent. On iOS, it doesn't say muted, but it instantly mutes and then the signals ramps down to nothing over the next...
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    Radenso RC M Firmware update now available (22)

    This is awesome, thank you! It addresses some of the things that I've wanted most from the RC M. :)