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    Latest R7 Firmware

    I've never looked into that and I'm not sure, sorry. I have seen people experiment with custom firmware or mixing and matching DB's from different detectors, but I'm not sure about adding new RLC to the database. I'm sure there's people here capable enough to do this though. :)
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    Latest R7 Firmware

    Let's test it and find out. :) Download R7 1.29 for Windows Download R7 1.29 for Mac If that doesn't work, I've hosted secondary copies of 1.29 for Windows and 1.29 for Mac. These are repackaged versions of the files straight off of Uniden's website. They include: Uniden's update software...
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    Redline Software 360C Software Update 1.3 Is Available For Download

    I'm noticing the Auto brightness leaves the detector's display really dim, especially in overcast weather. I believe other detectors may do this as well. Would it be possible to adjust this so the display remains bright in the daytime? Also, it looks like with 1.3, the detector still sometimes...
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    What cops really see with radar - testing a 35.5 Ka Police Radar!

    Thanks for making and sharing a video showing us what it's like from the other side of the radar gun! It's awesome how much you learn by seeing what officers can see... :)
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    KA band+K hit video with weird glitch

    Mine was maybe 10'ish feet away at most? Standing outside my car, shooting the other direction to try and prevent overdriving. Your video is a realworld version though of course.
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    KA band+K hit video with weird glitch

    Yeah I've seen that before as well when the V1 picks up a really strong Ka band signal.
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    Viofo A129  Issues

    Can you try giving the lens itself a quick cleaning as well?
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    Quick Thoughts on R360C Firmware Update 1.3

    Wow, great video! Thank you! Those arrows were spot on there. I noticed that it ramped up to 2 then 3 bogies there. Do you normally have some K falses in that area? I didn't see any mention of 1.3 solving that issue.
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    Update 1.3 problem

    That is very strange. I wonder if this behavior is repeatable for you. Do you have any dashcam footage by chance?
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    Uniden R7 owner having issues updating Firmware using the USB cable and software tool...

    lol, which editor are you using? Chances are there's a bunch of great tutorials on YouTube. That's how I learned. :)
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    Redline 360c 1.3 Arrow & Rampup Retest

    lol, I’d love to get one to @Heywood as well! I wanna keep using mine day to day, but if you’d like to test, I’d be happy to send it your way.
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    Redline 360c 1.3 Arrow & Rampup Retest

    Yeah that’s a great question. I was surprised to see those results with the arrows. I figured that, if anything, it’d perform better up high. I even got that headrest mount Sinai I could specifically test arrows with a high mount like that... As for SpecFR1, is it performance impacts in terms...
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    Redline 360c 1.3 Arrow & Rampup Retest

    Great. :thumbsup: With the baby, during the day is usually best for me.
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    Redline 360c 1.3 Arrow & Rampup Retest

    @ferius is out of town for a little while. @meismyname, are you available? Testing is hard to do while maintaining social distancing...
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    Redline 360c 1.3 Arrow & Rampup Retest

    Not in the immediate future. I generally don’t devote that level of time and energy for a firmware update.