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  • Thank you so much for testing my car today! It was a great day man. Very nice to meet you and check out your setup. Much, much appreciated!
    I loved the video and I would greatly appreciate it, if you would tell me what the name of the dash cam unit was that you used. I am looking for a dash cam and this appears to be what I am looking for. How is the nite vision, if you have tried it. Thank you very much!
    So do you mount your RL right at the headliner? You say it doesn't seem to bounce around too much? Also have you found this seems to help your range on radar any? Have you ever received any laser alerts that high? Sorry for so many questions. LOL Just trying to decide what to do mounting wise. So far so good the RL is working like a charm.
    Thank you for helping test our rides, it was a pleasure to meet you and hopefully we can all get another chance to do this again :)
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