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  • How many Detectors have gone bad while you are testing them? Have you considered that blasting them at close range with a radar gun might damage the front end of the receiver? If RD manuf don't have a good AGC its possible to weaken or blow out a receiver. Just making a observation. The Gears I work with are always warning me to be careful and not blow things up. Just a thought
    Hi Vortex,

    I am a newbie on Escort Live app.
    I saw one of your videos testing a 360 max and I noticed that your app has features that you can directly change the settings of the radar.
    Is this app available in the internet?
    I appreciate it.

    Thank you.
    Bay Area
    Thanks for the quick reply. I'm in Seattle - will be out of town until mid-November. Let me know if you need an extra SE for testing then. Cheers!
    Hi, My name is John. I live in Tacoma and I just got the HP 905 Dual. I would love to meet up for some testing. Call me my number is 2533894190
    Vortex, can you provide some insight on the reality of TSR with Escort? In my own experience running M4s, M3, M5s I only see worse performance especially with reactivity. I live in a state which doesn't operate radar based traffic systems so TSR for that exclusive purposes isn't needed. Now regarding lane assist and cruise control based radar systems I don't see any difference in reduction, even though reactivity is certainly reduced. It seems to me TSR is nothing more than a simple delay in alerting of a threat. Whereas V1 incorporated different sweep algorithms in their version of TSR. Is my understanding correct? On TSR, it appears Ka is impacted too but from what I understand TSR only was to impact K. Perhaps it’s placebo effect on me. Your feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
    not having the luck others are for the Radenso

    curious if you could chime in what you think could be going on based off my video
    Can you help me sort out my expectations and potential config errors with YaV1 and a brand-new V1 with ESP? My understanding is that I can lockout the K band from the local grocery store or the traffic speed sign on the highway. My understanding to lock these out is to go to "Logged Alerts", click on a .csv file, view the latest alerts, click on one and select lockout for the pop-up menu. And by locking out this signal, it won't set off my detector again. What am I missing here? These radars still alert and the only thing I really see working is that Savvy emulation seems to keep them to a lower volume when I am driving less than 35 miles per hour.
    Hey Vortex. A guy at work said he had a V1 that he's had for awhile and he bought a new V1 when the original one stopped working correctly. He said when you plug it in and turn it on, it will constantly alert, like its receiving a rd signal all the time. Instead of sending it in, he bought a new one, he has 3 of them now, wife, his and the broken one. He is willing to give it to me to see if I an get it fixed. Can I send it in to Valentine and pay money to fix it and will that include updating it to the latest and greatest software? Thanks!
    Mr. Vortex, first thanks for all the time you take testing different RDs. I have a question I know has been ask but Im new to the forum but not new in understanding You have a lot of knowledge of RD detectors. Is there problems running a redline with a V1? Thanks Dave
    A question about your previous car. My girlfriend leases a KIA forte, don't know if that's the comparable model to the hyundai you had. How hard was it running the hardwire for escorts detectors? Gaps in plastics appear pretty tight
    first rate review on the prodb...was just wondering if you would share an email address so I can ask you some questions about this and the nophoto...many thanks...
    Thank you so much for testing my car today! It was a great day man. Very nice to meet you and check out your setup. Much, much appreciated!
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