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  • Hi Vortex, big follower of you on the forum and YouTube. I was curious...does the R7 suction cup mount that you got with you beta unit have a little rubber "bumper" in between where the two suction cup mounting holes are? It appears that way in your videos. I have a custom mount that uses that little hole where the bumper goes. Thanks!
    Hi Vortex! I truly enjoy watching your channel, the information is always greatly appreciated. I would love to see a vid showing the max alert sounds for each tone option(R3). The demo tone while going through the settings doesn't seem to replicate the rapid pulse of a max alert. I'm having trouble deciding on the most effective tone with louder music. Thank you for all that you do and congrats on tying the knot!
    Vortex, I've viewed your YouTube channel and appreciate the work you do. Quick question - I currently have a HP-905 (Blinder) jammer from a few years ago. As there ave been no software upgrades or several years, I'm thinking to switch to Anitlaser Priority. My question is this - The heads appear identical. Do you know if the heads from Blinder can be used on the ALP?
    They can't. You'll need to swap heads, cables, CPU, controller, and everything.
    Thanks for the quick reply. ALP still top dog in your opinion? I'll be replacing the Blinder on a Lotus Elise and think 2 heads should be enough for such a small car and even smaller target area.
    It is, yes. If you want to discuss CM's, let's do it in the forums so everyone can participate. These messages are more for things that need to stay off the main forums.
    Vortex: I just bought a quint laser jammer set up from AL Priority and they referred me to you for testing since I live in Spokane, WA. Do you have a testing session scheduled anytime soon? Thank you. John
    i think i have been ripped of by BREDA AUTO SHOP IN HOLLAND
    I HAD originally 4 laser on my mercedes CLA45 3 at the front , they had to remove the front bumper for that , and one set on the rear they had to pierce holes for that

    Now i am left with only one set of square transmitter / receiver of Stinger
    Dear Vortex On the R3 is there an actually method to choosing settings to segment k band?? or source of what K band guns are used in your State?? Thanks
    There's K Wide and K Narrow, but nothing more specific like that the way there is Ka Segmentation. As for what guns are used in your area, the RDFGS is a great resource. If there's a lot of K band in your area, K Wide is typically the way to go.
    Are there any test results for ALP vs TMG A-15? I've been running unprotected against laser and wondering if I should wait for TMG or go for the ALP. Being a small, low car, would the TMG have issues like the TX ALP heads?
    Escort Passport 8500x50 with Smart cord USB IS this new?
    Whoa that's an old detector now. It's since been discontinued by Escort. Even its replacement, the Passport, has been discontinued, and replaced by the X70 and X80. If you don't need the GPS/Bluetooth, a Uniden DFR6 will give you longer range, better reactivity, and better BSM filtering for less money.
    Hi Vortex,
    I'm sorry to bother you, but cannot get this sorted out. Display won't show multi alerts on left side. I'm running ADV, segmented, etc.
    Can you guide me thru this?
    Thanks for all you do,
    Escort Incorporated FCC ID Application for New Equipment
    Wed, Mar 21, 2018 5:30 pm
    FCC ID Alert ([email protected])
    To:you Details
    A new FCC ID application has been submitted by Escort Incorporated for New Equipment.
    See FCC ID QKLM4R2
    Equipment Authorized: iX Ci Platform
    WHat is this?
    Based off of your videos I bought myself a Uniden R3 and R1 for the wife. By the way I work in Redmond, WA and a commercial drone pilot, so if you need any aerial footage for upcoming videos, I'm happy to help
    My small channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYl9wFtBstbxDku_vtii7AA
    Ah hey cool! Thank you! Just checked out your channel. Good to see someone else so close by! :)
    Does BestRadarDetectors give a forum discount for members? I can't find any info since I have been away for awhile and not use to the new format. Ready put the old Redline in the every now and then Porsche and get a an R3. Been holding out for V1 to come out with new one, but I may die before then.

    FYI, I'm the one that bought the LR950 from you for my daughter.
    Hey Vortex

    Your videos are awesome! I purchased two Uniden R3s and two ALP systems for my V10 R8 and 488GTB based on your videos! I just finished the install on the R8 and wanted to test the ALP system. I noticed your are also in the Seattle area, would you or do your know anyone that has access to a laser that I could verify my system with? Obviously, beer or lunch would be provided!
    Hey Vortex... just saw your video about the wreck. I'm sorry to hear it but glad everyone is okay. The PTSD symptoms you're describing will pass with time, but are certainly nothing to ignore. Even if it seems minor and "not that bad," it can be surprising what you take home from that experience. Keep getting out there and driving. Good luck in the recovery... definitely pulling for you.
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