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Testing status messages :D Aug 28, 2017

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    1. Phantom Z3
      Phantom Z3
      Are there any test results for ALP vs TMG A-15? I've been running unprotected against laser and wondering if I should wait for TMG or go for the ALP. Being a small, low car, would the TMG have issues like the TX ALP heads?
    2. radarrandy
      from Beach Camera
    3. radarrandy
      Escort Passport 8500x50 with Smart cord USB IS this new?
      1. Vortex
        Whoa that's an old detector now. It's since been discontinued by Escort. Even its replacement, the Passport, has been discontinued, and replaced by the X70 and X80. If you don't need the GPS/Bluetooth, a Uniden DFR6 will give you longer range, better reactivity, and better BSM filtering for less money.
        May 28, 2018
    4. JRW
      Hi Vortex,
      I'm sorry to bother you, but cannot get this sorted out. Display won't show multi alerts on left side. I'm running ADV, segmented, etc.
      Can you guide me thru this?
      Thanks for all you do,
    5. Jwingfield99
      Can someone please tell me why I cant comment share review or even post a comment thanks John ,
      1. Vortex
        Apr 23, 2018
        Jwingfield99 likes this.
      2. Jwingfield99
        Thank You Sir !
        Apr 23, 2018
    6. radarrandy
      Escort Incorporated FCC ID Application for New Equipment
      Wed, Mar 21, 2018 5:30 pm
      FCC ID Alert (alerts@fccid.io)
      To:you Details
      A new FCC ID application has been submitted by Escort Incorporated for New Equipment.
      See FCC ID QKLM4R2
      Equipment Authorized: iX Ci Platform
      WHat is this?
      1. Vortex
        Mar 21, 2018
    7. nappent
      Based off of your videos I bought myself a Uniden R3 and R1 for the wife. By the way I work in Redmond, WA and a commercial drone pilot, so if you need any aerial footage for upcoming videos, I'm happy to help
      My small channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYl9wFtBstbxDku_vtii7AA
      1. Vortex
        Ah hey cool! Thank you! Just checked out your channel. Good to see someone else so close by! :)
        Feb 15, 2018
    8. jmccam
      Does BestRadarDetectors give a forum discount for members? I can't find any info since I have been away for awhile and not use to the new format. Ready put the old Redline in the every now and then Porsche and get a an R3. Been holding out for V1 to come out with new one, but I may die before then.

      FYI, I'm the one that bought the LR950 from you for my daughter.
    9. Ctse
      Hey Vortex

      Your videos are awesome! I purchased two Uniden R3s and two ALP systems for my V10 R8 and 488GTB based on your videos! I just finished the install on the R8 and wanted to test the ALP system. I noticed your are also in the Seattle area, would you or do your know anyone that has access to a laser that I could verify my system with? Obviously, beer or lunch would be provided!
    10. ATXHouston
      Hey Vortex... just saw your video about the wreck. I'm sorry to hear it but glad everyone is okay. The PTSD symptoms you're describing will pass with time, but are certainly nothing to ignore. Even if it seems minor and "not that bad," it can be surprising what you take home from that experience. Keep getting out there and driving. Good luck in the recovery... definitely pulling for you.
      1. Vortex
        Thank you! :)
        Dec 7, 2017
    11. Beetle
      Great videos vortex ALP two heads on front and two on back of car should I dump one senor on back for TX rear hits from over pass on QE 2 in Alberta this summer no ticket . unsure
      if I was just lucky.
      1. Vortex
        Post up a photo of your vehicle here (blur your plate or use a photo from a different vehicle that's otherwise the same as yours) and we can help you figure out the best options and placement. https://www.rdforum.org/index.php?forums/57/
        Nov 21, 2017
    12. mklein
      Hi, Installed ALP system on my car. Live in a state that they are legal but in 2 years will move to a state where they are not. Not concerned about having them and know the proper way to use them but they are very visible on the rear. Concerned about getting pulled over by how visible they are if seen. Am I being ridiculous? (supporting you on patreon)
      1. Vortex
        They're parking sensors. :) Lots of people have run jammers in banned states with no issues. Virginia is the only place I've seen where some officers will look for them, but otherwise it's no big deal.
        Nov 8, 2017
      2. Jacqui
        I think ALPs also have the ability to lock with a USB stick. When you remove that, it is definitely only a parking sensor system and can not work as LDI. The docs warn sternly that you not lose your USB stick, because they can't help you recover it.
        Nov 16, 2017
    13. Marty
      Going with the R-3. Thanks. What I wanted to contact you about, was Roy. Marty
    14. Vortex
      Testing status messages :D
      1. angrypenguin
        Aug 28, 2017
    15. wildtky
      ok...I just didn't know that ...sorry....
    16. Stkrdknmibalz
      Thanks for great videos! MORE please :D
    17. transponder
    18. joe val
      joe val
      Thank You
    19. moneychanger
      Vortex: Why do you not sweep 33.8 on the V1?
    20. ReflectiveAuto
      Hi...I can't see the link for the upcoming lidar testing in seattle
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