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    Max 360c Display Image

    Like said above it's set to novice if your wondering about the , "slow down" message instead of a band displaying or frequency. I think the display is okay, but it's just the way cameras captures the oled screens on our radar detectors. If the screen actually looks like that then yes it would...
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    Auto learn locking out falses with less than one pass? Actually zero passes.

    I thought it can see the DNA of a signal and know it's not a real police gun just by the way it's signal is being transmitted. My 360 has locked out speed signs on first passes before or sometimes it alerts are strange or very very short range on speed signs. On real police sources it's spot on...
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    Not to be Rude, but Why Ever Use Escort?

    The range is not bad on the windshield 360 detector for straight ahead or behind. It struggles on off axis and a cop can surprise you, but thats expected with the horn they used in this series detector. Other than off axis range it's a good detector. If you need off axis then you won't be 100%...
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    Sleep issue Max360

    I believe you. My first newer "escort" dual horn product was a Cobra dual pro 360 from Amazon and it was defective. I know something was wrong since I, myself ran detectors for awhile also. Something was very fishy with it. I ended up sending it back and got my a legit new escort Max 360 and...
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    Sleep issue Max360

    Doesn't sound like a sleeping issue to me. Maybe defective if you actually had legit sources. I'm guessing you have the 360c model and not the original 360 Max since you updated using WiFi. Are you returning it for a replacement or going a different route now? The no alerts from the state...
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    9500ix to R7, max 360 or 360c?

    I personally like my Max 360. If I had to pick between the 360 and 360c. It'll be the old Max 360 because of the arrow layout. No sleeping or locking up on my 360 on 1.4 and now 1.8 firmware. Very good detector for me. The r7 would be a perfect pick if it had Auto lock outs.
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    "Updated" Escort Live app coming ~~Feb 1st~~ eventually

    Must be in air re fueling. Has to be expensive.
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    MAX 360 updated to v1.12/1.9

    Lol that is great [emoji23] So, they really have a so call police officer using a Bushnell? That was so generic and cheesy. They could've did better.
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    MAX 360 updated to v1.12/1.9

    I always thought detectors was made and soldered by a computer robot in some factory. I'm not 100% sure but I think a video by escort said each detector was hand built and soldered by someone at there company. Is it possible some soldering jobs or whatever is important to these detectors in the...
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    MAX 360 updated to v1.12/1.9

    Would be interesting for someone with a good working 360/c to temporary swap with someone with one that is having issues. Just to see how both react in different environments. Will the one that was always good start having problems in this new environment. Will the bad one start acting good...
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    How many are running their Max 360 or Max 360c in Auto mode to quiet BSMs?

    I don't know anything about this software. But googling shows a old old thread about this software and the person flashed their unit down and it wouldn't alert anymore. Looks like it was risky at that time if you weren't too familiar with the process. Things might've changed over time and...
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    Going to take the jump

    Yep. Glad to hear its working for you also again. [emoji106] †*******†** Onto the original topic subject. Just sucks for me I thought my detector was having another issue I would have to send it to escort for repairs. I already have the smart cord alert light issue so this would've been two...
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    MAX 360 updated to v1.12/1.9

    How has this update treated everyone? I still haven't updated as I'm waiting on feedback from others.
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    Going to take the jump

    I was driving today and seen this. I'm guessing it works now for everyone again that was having issues [emoji106] Only issue is I was getting off the highway and the speed limit was incorrect, but changed once I brought escort live to the main window. I'll check again today, but I think it...
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    R7 front antana not working?

    I believe heated and athermic windshield can cause this issue with detectors. You might have to do a custom installed detector system or get another windshield installed without whatever is blocking the signal.