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    4.1019 Has improved K-Band Detection

    Lol that's what I been thinking to. 4.1019 came installed for me.
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    V1 G2 flicker and clicking

    Serial ending in 2008 Same firmware mine came shipped with. 4.1019. First time it's done this since I got it at the end of June and it's been used daily. I mean if it's normal like mentioned above and only maybe happens every 2 months then I can deal with it till valentines gets a fix. If...
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    V1 G2 flicker and clicking

    This entire alert was strange. The arrows made no sense. Could be reflections, but it seemed off at the arrow switch to the sides when I passed nothing on the bridge. Unless the cop was under the bridge on the railroad tracks. Then the v1 flickered then I guess came back to life. You can see it...
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    Signal Icons and Strength Meter LEDs dim on V1gen2 display?

    Not mine. Yours might need service.
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    V1 Gen 1 and Gen 2 Permanent Mount

    Lots of people have. Here's mine.
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    Buying used V1G2

    Order it from valentine. No way you want this 1st generation detector without the warranty. Never know what's going to happen to it.
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    Valentine Suspends Upgrades

    Lol at the guy. Does he realize he has to do double work now to second handle those and put them on the conveyor.
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    Most discrete dashcam models?

    I heard people say the blackvue cameras are discreet. I agree and disagree. The rear camera on the blackvue is long and sticks out on the rear window like a sore thumb. The small rear camera on the a129 still can be seen when walking by at the right angle, but i feel better about it being...
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    Valentine Suspends Upgrades

    Ouch. This sucks. Good luck to everyone trying to get the new v1 right now.
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    V1G2 locked up

    I think I'm on a month and a few days with my v1 g2. No major issues either or lock ups.
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    V1G2 locked up

    Oh wow you went back in time lol. Windows 95/98/me/vista was terrible with freezing up. Windows 2000 server I ran as my main operating system because it was more stable and froze less. Windows xp where processes were ran separate was very nice where you could close out the certain frozen thing I...
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    Will We Have Any Super Hot V1G2

    In what areas would you say yours is weaker? Certain band? Length of detections? I'm just curious.
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    My First V1 and It's Hard to be Impressed!

    The v1 g2 Is a simple looking, but very sexy detector. You can see purple behind the display, but you could see that in photos before buying it. Overall it's been a great buy so far to get a change from escort and bel. I'm happy with my v1 g2 and it's attachable accessories and apps. Can't beat...
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    Question about V1 G2 and how it compares to the R7, also V1 driver

    2. During an alert, you’ll hear Bogey (“Dee-Deet”) Lock each time an additional bogey is detected. The Bogey Counter shows the total, which, in the case of overlapping alarms, will be 2 or more. If they are in different directions, more than one direction arrow will glow. When multiple...
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    Have you purchased a new V1 Gen2?

    The v1 g2 is so sexy when lit up. The blue bluetooth adds a special touch with the black and red.