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Dec 2, 2018
    1. con40mb
      the picture you psted shows exactly where im having the problem with the low pro add a fuse, the sides just feel like theyre too wide? You just filed it down a bit and it worked? What did you use to file it and how much do you feel you had to take off?
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    Cobra 9200BT Digital
    Uniden 950 - w/ DFR7 software
    Bel STi Driver - 1st gen w/ new software and megatune
    Viofo A118 Dash Cam - 64GB SD Card
    Waze & Cobra iRadar - Iphone 6s

    SOLD - Whistler XTR-695, V1 Highway / Travel detector - 3.864 , POP on, All bands on, Hard wired, Mounted above rear view mirror. Modded COLOR concealed display by me, Blinder HP-905 Quad, 2 front 2 rear, Blinder M47 - 2 front 2 rear, Escort Maxx - Pop on, X-band off,
    DONATED - Wilson Cell antenna 6 dBi gain, Whistler Pro 58.
    RETIRED Bel 955 M4 - High mount, Hard wired, City No X, POP off, NOW WITH TSR, Bel 995 S7 City Detector - High mount, Hard Wire, X-band off, AL G9x clone - Dual front only, high power, 4 second timed, GPS - Highway/Travel - TomTom 540XXL Garmin Nuvi 260 Built in GPS NAV , CB Radio - Highway / Travel- Galaxy DX-959, Cobra 19DX-III(backup), Wilson 1000, Wilson Little Wil Antennas, 100w RM Italy Liniar