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    Theia Price Speculation:

    Though I'm sure it will be worth every penny they ask, I personally won't pay over $800 for a windshield unit. I'm totally content with my R7
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    Waze turning off when running in the background?

    I've never had an issue with it running on a mounted Samsung tablet (Android 9) ...I've heard that iOS tends to kill background apps more so than Android. Not sure if that the issue, though
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    Beltronics Sti

    It is still very decent on ka performance.
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    Where to sell my escort max 360c?

    I've sold/bought multiple detectors on here through the years without any issue at all. You may not get top dollar on here, but selling/buying without the headaches that other outlets can give you is worth it. Plus, your selling to a great community and I always think of it as "helping"...
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    V1 WILL be updated

    Just corrected it😂
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    V1 WILL be updated

    Unfortunately, I think we're going to wake up to the closing of Valentine research sooner than later. They had a admirable run, but it just doesn't look good for them right now.
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    Escort Live App

    Unless you have a lot of escort live users in your area, don't waste your money or time. VVaze, jbv1 offline mode and highway radar are much better options. Here in the Atlanta area, I rarely got any action with escort live.
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    GT 360 Sleeps on Ka Band, yet Still alerts to K BSMs

    Maybe so....And I really hope that's the case. Just realize that there is a chance that it can happen without you even knowing it. Hopefully it doesn't
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    GT 360 Sleeps on Ka Band, yet Still alerts to K BSMs

    Exactly....there's really no way to tell as the detector looks like it's still functioning properly. My friend got a ticket a few weeks back from a stalker gun....As he passed the cop, not a peep from his max 360c. I'm willing to bet his was "locked up" since it didn't alert.
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    GT 360 Sleeps on Ka Band, yet Still alerts to K BSMs

    I think you have me mixed up with the OP of this thread. I never bought a gt360 or a Max 360 and never will. I'm glad it's worked for you but it's not that great of a detector, especially for how much it cost. But like I said, if your 360 has worked for you, good deal! Just be aware that there...
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    GT 360 Sleeps on Ka Band, yet Still alerts to K BSMs

    But it is...It's a Max 360 (hardware and software) in a different casing. 1573154611 Bel and escort were essentially the same company before they decided to stop producing the Bel brand. 1573154763 The only difference software wise is the way the updates are handled from what I gathered...
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    GT 360 Sleeps on Ka Band, yet Still alerts to K BSMs

    Glad I never bought any of the max series detectors. Hell, I've stayed away from anything escort has built for the past 5 years now. Redline was the last detector I will ever buy from them.
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    No audio in the audio out jack (R1)

    I tried the escort amplified speaker on my r3 a while back with no success. Not sure why it wouldn't work, but I gave up on it. All my other detectors worked just fine, though