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    IF R3 dies what should I get?

    Fix the R3, sell it and use the money to go towards an upgrade.
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    Camas Washington speed traps

    I’m in SW WA too! My guess would be they were using lidar and the R3 didn’t pick it up. I’ve been hit several times and my R7 was completely silent.
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    Old school road dog rejoining the counter measure game.

    Welcome Carfan! Let us know how you like your DFR8.
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    Speed Enforcement by Aircraft: View From the Plane

    I’m in the Olympia area and track them with FlightAware. They seem to go up at least weekly. Seems like several times this week. Their flight path is interesting with all the circles![
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum madeupusername, if that is your real name!
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    R7 initial impressions and questions

    It is both normal and intentional for the word “speed” to come and go. This is to prevent burn in. I thought law enforcement didn’t use K Band in California.?. If that’s true, you can turn it off.
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    Sold/Ended Uniden R7 being sold at PC Richards for 499 +Tax and free shipping

    Wow, that’s a great price! Wonder if they are violating any minimum price restrictions?
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    How much can tint effect the signal?

    It wouldn’t trap it inside, it would just reduce the signal that’s coming inside in the first place. The others are spot on about making sure you don’t get metallic.
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    New Member

    And then comes a Monkey who just happens to be playing Fishing Planet! Welcome Seabass!!!
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    Radar Awesome FF 34.7 Range

    Nice range! What RD were you running?
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    Would We Use Highway Radar for iOS?

    Yes, yes, yes! Count me in!!!!
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    1st post

    Welcome to the forum! I hate it when it pops its clogs!!!! :) The R7 is a great detector.
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    FNG in NOVA

    Welcome Dirty!
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    Hey all

    Hi! Interested in how you like the R7 vs Max360c? I was trying to decide between the two. Went with the R7 and loving it!!!