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    R7 Performance in Bulgaria

    @Marty K, you happened to test just the same low powered K-band Siemens camera that I tested here :LOL: I was detecting this camera on 24.063 GHz K-band. The other MRCD cam is "Multa Radar CD 580". I see R7 did well enough even better than my R1 which is understandable considering its hardware...
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    Uniden R1/R3 Change Log and Firmware Versions

    More than necessary. Almost every firmware based technics requires it. For example, if you have a router to upgrade, a reset to factory defaults is imperative after the firmware upgrade (if you would expect a unit to work correctly and adequately with the new features and extras). Same for a...
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    How's your summer weather.

    Nice dry summer weather here (two or three weeks now) / temperatures in Celsius :sun: Last week was hot with temperatures up to 38-39. In July was the the opposite case - rainy and cool.
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    You die Tomorrow, who are you giving your CMs to?

    Interesting question I had never thought about. I'd rather leave my CM to a friend or a member from a forum like this, who will estimate the merrits of them, than leave them to ignorant relatives who would toss them to the trash. My wife wouldnt use them, she's always told me that these chirping...
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    The leaves are falling...

    Yes. Also I believe it could be useful mainly at night when someone is driving through some unfamiliar area and get caught from a camera, whatever that may be. The remote may release leaves to fall down from their magnet if some critical situation occurs. Photo radar pictures also should become...
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    The leaves are falling...

    This is a funny business and a flat trick for sure but depends on how you would look at it. If a leaf accidentally has fell and stuck to someone's LP, then you know nothing, couldnt do anything and it was a mere accident of nature. :) If ever you have to comment some radar photo of your car.
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    24.14X BSM's Appearing On R3 1.50

    Yeah, that's right. And it will be getting more miserable. I just can't get rid of these frequencies either. This is the reason for some users to insist on K band specific segmentation. For those of them who have the courage to bare this, of course. Factory auto muting solves things only partially.
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    The leaves are falling...

    Yet another excellent achievement of the modern scientific and technological progress LOL...
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    I can't complain here. There are enough conscientious users who report speed traps regularly. I don't remember how long now I haven't reported, because everything is 100% marked. I even got a real warning recently about animals on the road, never had that one before. It could have happened a...
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    5 Best Radar Detectors Aug 2019 Ripped off Vortex Pic

    Listen now, man and be aware: "With 360-degree detection, this radar detector will identify police cars in all directions around you." Conclusion on R3: "As the R3 uses GPS satellites to find your current location, it produces fewer false alerts than other models do. Not only does the R3 keep...
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    New VIOFO Dash Cams: A129 Pro 4K / A119 V3

    Sometimes watching my footage, I think one thing is unavoidably necessary for the summer - CPL filter. There are sometimes too many reflections from the sun in front. CPL filter should be taken off in winter and put on in the summer. Ordered mine and been waiting for it. If someone is using the...
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    What does the average person know about detectors.

    But this thread is entertaining in any case LOL It's been always fun to read comments through the online stores, one could get a great deal of wisdom. Some short sample of comments for a cheap Cobra RAD 250: "I don't recommend you to count on it. It detects door cells with no issue but the...
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    R3 With 1.50 & MRCD

    Well, I have a spare general solution to the problem at a pinch. If they never find that balance, I will buy another R1 or R3, will load it with the last firmware for best K-band performance, will put both on the left and right of the windshield and will use them simultaniously. I would be...
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    R3 With 1.50 & MRCD

    I don't want to argue, Heywood, nor that were my intensions. I don't feel on my soil to do it. You know best your own surrowndings. I got your point well enough two days ago and I know it myself long time before this... on paper. And I told you then and again if you havent understand me: I agree...
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    R3 With 1.50 & MRCD

    Wow, that was a misfortune. :( Have you got a fine? I hope you haven't or that it was not much. Have you ever tried 1.46 before with TSF off and what are your observations?

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