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    RDFGS - For Australia & New Zealand

    Thanks for the info,i learned something new! From the RD-s i used here,the Bel Magnum(segmented K band) and the Redline (also segmented K band) work the best. I own both.
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    RDFGS - For Australia & New Zealand

    I noticed 24.032,24.038 used in unmarked Redflex (blue Hyundai)van.These frequencies are below the Fcc regulations...they are illegal...
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    Massive buyers remorse after buying an R7

    RD-s are banned In Australia,but are legal in New Zealand. I live in NZ and i use detectors for 15 years.
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    Hello from Cali

    Welcome to the forum! Radar jammers are against the law almost everywhere. If you are lucky and the cop was targeting someone else you can slow down before his kill zone. If he targeted your vehicle...well then you pay the fine... Detectors are good for the other frequencies(radar K,Ka).
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    RDFGS - For Australia & New Zealand

    Re: New Zealand Just spotted another Radar van operating on 24.014GHz. Colour Dark Blue
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    Newbie on this forum says Hello!

    Using these toys for about 6-7 years in New Zealand...
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    Hi All!

    Newbie on the forum,detector user for many years,at the moment Bel STI Driver