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    Welcome to the forum!
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    New user

    Welcome to the forum! Great choices!!
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    R7 New firmware 1.29 discussion and Issue / Suggestion Updates

    My guess is that it is thinking about whether to show a second signal similar to the Heartbeat stutter on the R1/R3 during filtering. The intermittent K band signal that was showing up was probably causing it. It isn’t showing the speed until it is sure there are no additional signals. That’s my...
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    Radar Radenso RCM vs. THP I/O 34.7

    Nice detection! Beautiful sky too.
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    Radar Uniden R7 (Firmware 129.129.113) vs MRCD

    Nice to see that it successfully identified it as MRCD immediately too!
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    Uniden R7 1.29 Firmware can be shared now (See attached)

    Assuming they use the same logic as they have for the percentages in previous iterations, 60% would mean that you get 60% of the range you would have had at 100%. So if you would have had 2 miles range you could expect roughly 60% off that. Obviously that would be 60% of your advanced settings...
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    Just ordered an R3

    TSF also keeps it a little quieter to BSM falses. I’d estimate the majority of us on V1.50 have TSF on but I may be wrong.
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    Uniden R7 1.29 Firmware can be shared now (See attached)

    Wow those are some significant feature improvements! Thank you Uniden and all of the beta testers for your efforts! I can’t wait to see how everyone likes the update. Between these changes and the recent reports of low frequency k Band in my area it’s becoming very difficult to resist...
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    BMW Know It All Thread

    Update: I successfully replaced my valve cover and valve cover gasket. I also replaced the spark plugs and ignition coils since I had everything taken apart. Initially after I did the valve cover I thought I’d messed something up since the leak still appeared to be there. I re-torqued all of...
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    2019 Volkswagen Golf R – Uniden R3 + ALP Triple

    Sick installation!!! Looks great!
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    Great day for a drive

    I’d hate to break down or get a flat in those conditions!
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    Back to Back defective R7's

    Glad to hear you finally got a good one! Keep us updated with your thoughts as you use it.
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    Check out this low K-band I got in Shelby, NC

    I would get no alert at all on my R3 since it doesn’t scan that low. I’ll have to be careful next time I’m in Shelby! Thanks!
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    Radar South Florida: FHP KA Segment 6

    Nice detection. It’s just not worth it to turn off 4 and 6. Too risky. I was really expecting it to be a Honda false as that’s what I typically see in segment 6 on the R1/3.
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    How to Update the Uniden R7 Firmware

    You can see the Red Light database version in the menu on the physical detector.