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    Pro-M vs 35.5

    Virginia frequently uses 35.5 I/O and if they are being selective and the terrain is tricky then you are not guaranteed an alert ahead of time. That is the risk you take if speeding. The first scenario you describe sounds like I/O for sure. Pro M has good range and is undetectable by RDDs so I...
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    Hi, From the Big Apple (NYC)

    Welcome to the forum. Within NYC, you should set up the R7 with X and K band disabled and either Ka wide or Ka segmented 2/4/5/6/8. You'll also want to enable MRCD and use either Waze or the R7's speed and redlight camera database.
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    Radar R7 - Rear-facing Ka 34.7 around a bend

    Stay tuned for my next video featuring one hiding under a bridge - I'll be putting it up when I get the chance.
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    Directional Arrows

    Yes, the arrows are certainly not necessary but once you experience the added SA they provide it's hard to go back.
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    Radar R7 - Rear-facing Ka 34.7 around a bend

    NYSP is sitting on the right shoulder at the end of the clip. 0.6 miles from alert to source. Again we have the amusing spectacle of people suddenly braking after they've been in the kill zone for the last ten seconds. This LEO was even marked on Waze.
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    Radar 3.8 mile detection in the city

    NYSP loves to do that as well. Remember it’s all about safety!
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    Radar 3.8 mile detection in the city

    Amazing performance by the R series, thanks for posting. I couldn’t actually make out the trooper at the end, but I sure believe he was there based on the ramp up. Hopefully many long detections to come!
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    I have some questions? Plus I will tell you about my ticket

    It should, based on testing. Unless there’s some new version extant that they don’t have an algo for yet.
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    Buy Now Anti Laser Priority - Rx Head - $159 USD OBO

    Only one picture from a bad angle doesn’t give me much confidence in this seller.
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    Other Blind or stupid?

    Looks to me like he arrived at the intersection first and also was on the right. You definitely should have yielded.
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    R7 settings Northeast US

    For NYC you will want to run Ka on, X and K off. You will want MRCD on for the speed cameras and you will also want to run Waze. If you do segment it make sure segments 4 and 6 are enabled to catch out-of-tune Stalker guns which are common in NYS. Think about laser protection as...
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    Looking for help to better understand frequency

    This is a good list but the one main thing I'd add to it is the Mazdas at 24.142. Very annoying because it's right where the real police frequencies are centered.
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    PA the only state left still not utilizing laser?

    It's accurate, but word has it even PA will begin using laser in construction zones this year. The state police already has the legal ability to use it if I'm not mistaken.
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    Theia speculation burn out

    I get your point but Escort's site is actually the #1 and #2 results on Google when you search for "escort."
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    Moving to the city

    I can't think of any reason to scrap the R3 and move to a cheaper detector. It will barely net you any money and if anything you want the R3's sensitivity even more now to sniff out the MultaRadar cameras that are all over metro Chicago. You're free to run in city mode to eliminate most falses...