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    R7 not turning on

    Well the good news is that it is just the cord... Using the V1 cable, it starts right up. The fuse looks fine but I will try and replace it tomorrow. Time to work on getting the hardwire kit installed this long weekend!
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    R7 not turning on

    I would hope so. Would it be safe to test with my V1 cable to see if its the R7 or the charge cable?
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    R7 not turning on

    I tried that many times. No signs of life from the R7.
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    R7 not turning on

    Driving to work today my R7 went blank. I tested the cigarette lighter (12v port) and that seems fine and the fuse in the cigarette charger looks fine. Is there anything else to reset or check? This is my first Uniden detector and I was very happy with it until now. Thanks!
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    Chicago Area R7 users - dan ryan MRCD question

    Exiting 90 at Barrington Rd and all along Schaumburg Rd alert for MRCD. I believe they are from old red light cameras that are supposedly no longer in use.
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    Early batch R7

    Quite a few credit cards add a free second year warranty. Both my Visa and Amex offer this.
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    R7 Blendmount - All ideas/suggestions here

    Would you post a picture showing your mount setup?
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    R7 Hardwiring?

    I'm new to Uniden with my R7 purchase. Is there something wrong with the Uniden hardwire kit? Could someone provide a link to the recommended kit?
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    Your First Impressions R7- Post your first impressions/reviews here

    I picked up the R7 last evening and after upgrading and using the recommended settings from Vortex, it is crazy how quiet it is!!! My V1 would alert 100+ times on my drive to work. The R7 alerted 7 times this morning and 5 were confirmed LEOs. On the drive home it alerted twice one of which was...
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    Greetings from a long time V1 user

    Thank you for the greetings. I do not have the bluetooth dongle but am considering it depending on what V1 announces in the next month.
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    I can live without those features but do we have any chance of user upgradeable firmware?
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    Greetings from a long time V1 user

    I've been running a V1 for over 15 years now and even after sending it in for upgrades about a year ago, there are just way too many false positives still. I was excited to hear about the R7 and the potential new V1 so I joined the community to discuss and learn. Thanks, Scooby2