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    I got a ticket

    Congrats! CW Geek/contester here - the more you do it the more you'll love it. Spend some time listening on the air then jump in there. Its a blast, I still love it after 40 years of hamming. 73 de N6GQ, aka YN2AA, 4K9Z, 9H3ZZ, etc., etc.
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    K band in Alvaredo (Alvaredo PD)

    Thanks Gents, I thought it was pretty much gone, but now I'll pay more attention to the K-band signals...
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    K band in Alvaredo (Alvaredo PD)

    I was passing through Alvarado today and got hits twice from two different cops along I-35 running K-band (24.127) - Alvarado PD. One of them was sitting on the onramp pointed backwards, shooting out his front windshield towards oncoming traffic on the freeway. Odd. But it was clear as day, not...
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    Uniden R7 - Firmware Change-log and Outstanding Issues

    Anyone heard any ETAs for a new R7 firmware?
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    I'm there with ya, I do a lot of work with IR stuff too. A friend of mine has the FLIR car system and swears by it, assume you've seen/tried that one: PathFindIR II Driver Vision Enhancement System | FLIR Systems (I think its that one).
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    Other The OFFICIAL idiot drivers thread

    You're in Kalifornia, say no more. I'm so thankful I got out in time :angel:
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    Uniden quality issues

    Thanks! 1558479602 BTW I decided to do what you suggested in your first point - send back for a refund, and order a new one from @BestRadarDetectors
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    Uniden quality issues

    How bad was the disassembly/reassembly? I saw your teardown post but don't remember seeing anything about issues putting it back together...
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    Uniden quality issues

    So for those that care, I heard back from the Amazon seller, they offered an RMA to refund my money, or suggested I contact Uniden to replace the unit under warranty. Neither is a very good option for me. I called Uniden support and told them the problem, and was told that I needed to SHIP the...
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    Uniden quality issues

    Yep, I seem to have that "luck" - I've initiated a request with the vendor to return/replace the unit. I had Amazon help me with that so hopefully the 3rd party nature of it will be less of an issue. I've always had good luck with Amazon in this regard, but it could be that I typically spend...
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    Uniden quality issues

    Thanks for that - I'd think that at least in this case it would be somewhat interesting to them since its a brand new unit and this could be indicative of a problem in manufacture/assembly - but maybe they already know and have enough examples that they don't need it. Still, on their flagship...
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    First Laser Detection with R7 Today

    Interesting story, thanks. I'm curious about the detection by TMG/ALP out at a distance of 1500' or so - are those detections typically bounces and overshoot from previous cars being targeted, or are those 1500' shots your car actually being hit with LIDAR directly? I guess what I'm getting at...
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    Uniden quality issues

    Hey All, I started with an R3 about 3 months ago, had it about 2 or 3 weeks before it failed - the speaker became intermittant (mostly dead). So I sent it back to Amazon where I bought it. It worked great when it did, so I was sorry to send it back. I replaced it with an R7, and while the R7...
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    North and Central Texas LIDAR usage?

    Hey team, do we have a listing anywhere of sightings of LIDAR guns in use in the North Texas/Central Texas areas? Like which guns we know are in use in the area? I've looked but having no luck finding. Thanks...