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    testing this weekend

    Would like to see how they stack up on 33.8, I have r-7 and V1.
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    Can anyone point me to the radar band map?

    I have a tip coming up from Columbus, GA to Saphire NC..
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    R7 potential issue

    It has been in the mid to high 90's several weeks here and no problems.
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    Instant Owned ON MY BIRTHDAY

    Check with your local county or state DMV. The driving schools her in GA advertise it will knock off the tickets off but in fact they don't. If you have a ticket you can't get the discount either.
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    My R7 first impressions

    What color display do you use?
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    Instant Owned ON MY BIRTHDAY

    That is correct, I normally drive at 14 over for that reason, School zone excluded and I mainly drive at that speed on highway. I would stay away from 30, 40 MPH zones at 14 over. The passing of a school bus while stopped is equal to a dui fyi.
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    Instant Owned ON MY BIRTHDAY

    You were good either way, 15 over is considered a major violation as far as insurance is concerned. Insurance companies also do not run an MVR on all applicants every year due to the expense . They just spot check at random. I am in the insurance business and have been for 20 years.
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    Couple New Detections - Short Range

    What RD are you using?
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    R7 GPS

    My R7 will go from 0-3 mph while sitting still and sometimes will not register anything for a few minutes when I first start driving? Has there been any post about this?
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    MPH BEE III Ka Band @ 33.8Ghz: 0.9 Mile Velocity Reading

    That seems more accurate per #Vortex testing and what ranges I am getting with my R7
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    MPH BEE III Ka Band @ 33.8Ghz: 0.9 Mile Velocity Reading

    That's pretty scary considering only one RD tested had that detection range, The escort max CI 360.
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    KA band 33.8

    I haven't seen any pop.
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    KA band 33.8

    I think vortex test was pretty accurate . The range I have been experiencing is closer 1/2 mile to mile. The exact band is 33.74.
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    KA band 33.8

    Has there been any r7 testing on this band ?