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    Think I am in the market for a new detector (V1 Gen 2 or R7)?

    I will buy the V1G2 once they work out the current problems just to add to my collection, I currently use the R7 and have nothing negative to say about it. Where I live they only use 33.8 KA band. The range is fantastic, I will probably continue to use R7 as my main detector. I have escorts...
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    Expected range of R7

    I recently picked up KA 33.8 from a mile when radar faced opposite direction and carried for at least 2 mile once I passed it .
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    R7: increased BSM falsing with v1.29

    The KA band at 33.8 seems to filter better, I had one spot where I got a detection every day to and from work. It disappeared after the update.
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    testing this weekend

    Would like to see how they stack up on 33.8, I have r-7 and V1.
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    Can anyone point me to the radar band map?

    I have a tip coming up from Columbus, GA to Saphire NC..
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    R7 potential issue

    It has been in the mid to high 90's several weeks here and no problems.
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    My R7 first impressions

    What color display do you use?
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    Couple New Detections - Short Range

    What RD are you using?
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    R7 GPS

    My R7 will go from 0-3 mph while sitting still and sometimes will not register anything for a few minutes when I first start driving? Has there been any post about this?
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    MPH BEE III Ka Band @ 33.8Ghz: 0.9 Mile Velocity Reading

    That seems more accurate per #Vortex testing and what ranges I am getting with my R7
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    MPH BEE III Ka Band @ 33.8Ghz: 0.9 Mile Velocity Reading

    That's pretty scary considering only one RD tested had that detection range, The escort max CI 360.
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    KA band 33.8

    I haven't seen any pop.
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    KA band 33.8

    I think vortex test was pretty accurate . The range I have been experiencing is closer 1/2 mile to mile. The exact band is 33.74.
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    KA band 33.8

    Has there been any r7 testing on this band ?