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    New here

    Welcome from Wisconsin!
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    Welcome from Wisconsin!
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    New comer

    R3 should be a must for the price you can get them for now. The range and features are great. When you get it tweaked for your area it should serve you well!
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    Announcement Happy Thanksgiving RDF!

    I've got to see Bonham. Been watching for a show close by. My son and I just caught Savoy Brown at a club. Kim Simmons still gets it done! 1575394675 Oh, happy holidays and merry Christmas to all at RDF!
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    Hands-on look at Radenso's upcoming new detector and AI

    At that rate you may be able to buy an ALP too! 1574793231 I have to add, I hope it's sooner!
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    Happy to Join

    Welcome from Wosconsin! 1574717598
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    Welcome from Wisconsin!
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    New here!

    I think you will like what you find here! RD,s have changed quite a bit since the 8500!😉
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    V1 WILL be updated

    I did the 3 year renew a few months ago...☹
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    V1 WILL be updated

    Is that Autoweek? That ad has been in for a long time and you are correct... .P.S This month is the last print issue of that 61 year old publication. RIP.
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    Car detail help

    Probably a decent deal for the pads and buffer. The chemicals are are always a question of age. No on the cleaner wax, yes on the wash. The rest is debatable.
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    Car detail help

    Unless you are cutting orange peel I wouldn't recommend anything but a DA or dual action unit. Removing wax before polishing will make your results much better. Polishes are easiest and safest to work with. No heavy cut compounds unless you have to hand work certain panels. As far as what to...
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    RD reccomendations

    The R3 is priced quite a bit lower for sure. I think you made a sound choice! 1573516231 And don't worry, you'll almost certainly have more RD's in the future!;)
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    Hello from NJ...

    Oh yeah, Waze can help with the laser until you gear up...
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    Hello from Europe

    Your Radenso is a great choice! See the posts from their booth at SEMA. Out of the box thinking from Radenso!