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    New V1 Generation 2 FAQ

    Thanks for doing this. Can you please add a link/section to V1G2 internal pics?
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    Spoiler Alert! - V1 Gen2 First Photos

    Wait and make an informed decision. "beginning of the end for Radenso" made me lol. The difference in detectors will be immense. They are seperated by two technological leaps, analog -> digital -> Artificial Intelligence. Regardless of the evidence that Theia will be the best detector by a...
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    Spoiler Alert! - V1 Gen2 First Photos

    How do you have these photos?
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    Theia Price Speculation:

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    Theia Price Speculation:

    People can buy an 8 core computer and a camera with 4 lenses combined into one product all of which fits into the palm of your hand for around $1000. No one pays $1000 for a cell phone in the year 2020, service providers give those old things away for free.
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    Mechanical Solution to a Software Problem (remote kill switch)

    No worries, we all start somewhere. Any momentary switch should work
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    Announcement Premium Memberships Sales Discontinued

    Ah, thanks. I saw that post a while ago but just skimmed it and didn't have context for it until I saw the rdtalk post as well. Seems like we're in good hands, kudos to AAKP LLC for setting up the 20k in charity as well.
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    Announcement Premium Memberships Sales Discontinued

    Who is the current administration/owner? Are we owned by an RD brand or by an individual?
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    Thermal Night Vision Camera Install

    Jake and I both have a passive ir cadiallc camera which is a Raytheon unit
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    Thermal Night Vision Camera Install

    Was broken the other day, they used a night vision rifle scope. The Cadillac camera probably can see out 800 to 1500ft depending on the target. The feidl of view will be much wider than a rifle scope, which will only be useful on very straight and level roads.
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    Prolaser III $440
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    Any 3D printed brackets for TMG?

    I don't understand exactly what you're asking but I'm sure I can make it.
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    Retroreflective Paint and ALPR

    I Dang, I had one laying around that I ended up giving away. The brand escapes me at the moment but I'll post if I can remember it.
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    Highway Radar v2.0.2 released

    Any chance that you will/could pull Police reports from Google maps? Gmaps could have a massive number of police reports that we are currently missing. Gmaps has 170 million monthly users in the US compared to VVaze's 20 million. I have compared the two and unfortunately they do not share reports.