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    TMG - Don't Try this at Home

    I have tested in Receive mode a few times, and thought WTF, nothing is being jammed.
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    TMG - Don't Try this at Home

    Thanks for testing ! I'm glad you had positive results with the TMG. Let me know if you need anything.
  3. Jag42

    Purchased the new Cobra DP 360

    Welcome ! I can help with Laser protection too :)
  4. Jag42

    New False TMG

    It's very hard to filter as soon as Summer rolls around. We are always improving.
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    Which dashcam can survive TX Summer?

    Vantrue X3 wifi going on 2 years,and 2nd Summer. I'm also testing the TMG DR-5 dash cam.
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    Laser Jammers in Ohio

    TMG PM me @Enzob007
  7. Jag42

    Highway Radar DPS Heli Alert in NB TX

    There is Dps choppers,but not used for speed enforcement in this area.
  8. Jag42

    Disable K Band in Austin TX

    K band is alive along I-35 North from New Braunfels to Waco.
  9. Jag42

    TMG, R7, and Viofo A129 duo install- 2011 Mustang GT

    In legal terms, i guess he wants them identified as "parking sensors" TMG a-15 does not have a parking sensor feature, although we are working on an industry first feature.
  10. Jag42

    TMG, R7, and Viofo A129 duo install- 2011 Mustang GT

    Nice sleek install !
  11. Jag42

    Beta Testers Get Involved Too Late?

    Beta testers, and myself had the Uniden R1/R3 4-5 months before the mass public launch. Since the R7 was very similar, we received it weeks before mass public. We receive beta firmware about a month or more in advanced. I have been helping develop Rd's the last 18 years,as well as most of the...
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    Rear DE falses!?

    Keep me updated @oktavf
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    Radar Typical Speed Trap R3 34.725

    Nice one :)

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