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    5 head TMG on my C7 Corvette - JTG

    I'm in the Scottsdale, Arizona area.
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    5 head TMG on my C7 Corvette - JTG

    Actually, the manually says to space them 20' to 32' apart, and I dialogued with the guys at TMG America to pick the locations based on photos of the car. The rears measure about 24". That was about as far apart as I could get them to tuck in nicely anyway. They worked when we tested them.
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    5 head TMG on my C7 Corvette - JTG

    Moving them up would require a lot more work to cut out holes in the grill since there is no good place to mount them at the same height as the center head with the grill and factory cameras unmodified. Plus the system tested out good, including shooting at the headlights. I see no reason to...
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    5 head TMG on my C7 Corvette - JTG

    Thanks! I ran the front cables behind the grill, along the driver's side of the engine bay, and into the cabin through an existing wire harness grommet behind the left kick panel on the driver's side to the CPU. For the rears, I fed the flat cables through the bumper (I had to remove the bumper...
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    Calling all Uniden sticky cup guys out there (must be a few)

    I used my heat gun to warm up just the ball and stem just enough to bend it the 10 degrees or so. Now my R3 sits nice and horizontal. No issues.
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    TMG on 2016 Corvette

    I think it's the lens affect of my phone camera. The outer fronts are level and point straight. I had it tested as well, and got JTG from about 1800 feet in and out (rear).
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    TMG on 2016 Corvette

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    5 head TMG on my C7 Corvette - JTG

    Did some testing today with @bhrodeoaz (thanks!) and his LTI Marksman 20/20. We got JTG front and back. We tested out to about 1800 feet. I have 3 heads in front and two in the back on my black 2016 Corvette.
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    TMG a-15 New RDF Discount Code!

    Will the codes still work when the website comes back up?
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