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    Radar Very sloppy I/O?

    This seems much more likely, also given the way the detector sounds I conclude the ramp up fluctuates due to the reflections of the radar from his rear antenna.
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    Visual ID

    Now this is what it means to use your brain to avoid tickets and not just buy an expensive RD and go fast all the time. Perfect example why awareness is key! Your RD makes this point even stronger showing how useless it can be (for avoiding a ticket) in certain scenarios, like the one showed by...
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    Quick R3 35.498 Save

    I love videos like this one: short range, due to surroundings or I/O, situations in which a good detector is truly needed.
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    Radar TX DPS Hardcore 34.7 FF w/ Takedown

    Thanks! He was C/O but the detection was kinda late because he was obstructed by the bridge right?
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    Radar TX DPS Hardcore 34.7 FF w/ Takedown

    I can't see the LEO? Was it I/O and he got the white pickup? Where was the LEO situated? Thanks!
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    Radar NJSP running Ka on on-ramps

    The first video was great: very nice catch!
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    Radar Loaner R1 I/O Save

    Great I/O save!
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    Slow Speed Chase

    Yeah. Judging just by the looks without knowing anything else it looks more like a protest than a legitimate chase. No wonder the driver thought the police officers were on his side. Like you have said 3 vehicles max would have been enough and they could have gone in front of him also. Hell...
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    Radar CHP Lazy CO

    Were you tapping the brakes on purpose to make the other drives slow down when you were near the LEO? It looks like that to me!
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    Honda Accord Busted

    Nice video. A bit funny how he pulls over to the right all by himself when he sees the cop car moving slightly. He definitely knew what was going to happen next!
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    Other Cherokee Co GA. I-75 Trap Again, K Last Week, Tonight Ka, & Fire Breathing Lidar

    From the title and the video I concluded he got pulled some other time in the past and not now. Wouldn't make sense to get pulled over for going PSL+10 with such a head warning on Ka band.
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    Radar Radenso RC M 33.8 Local Leo Detection

    Thanks for explaining!
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    Radar Radenso RC M 33.8 Local Leo Detection

    Why does it beep when you're under 30mph? Does it alert once when it picks the signal for the first time then it mutes until you go over 30mph? If that's the case, it means you picked up the signal, then you lost it then you picked it again at some point. Am I right? Thanks!
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    Help needed! (km/h radar units)

    For some reason I cannot PM you: forum error or something. Can you try and PM me instead? Thanks!
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    Help needed! (km/h radar units)

    For radar detector testing I guess you're right: you don't need an accurate, let alone same speed unit, reading. But to be honest if I were to buy a radar gun it would have been nice to have it's reading in kph so I could clock some vehicles if I wanted to (NOT law enforcement). Most of the guns...