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    Valentine One

    Great detector and music also!
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    I don't own old vehicles but I do like to work on my vehicles and do the job myself while following the procedures and specs in the repair manual. Having the car repaired means someone is gonna rush the job and not do it properly. I've seen this with my eyes with almost anything that has been...
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    Florida Move Over sting

    Thanks @thebravo !
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    Florida Move Over sting

    Being from Europe I've never heard about this "move-over" law before, but I do understand it's purpose now! Great video! I'd like to learn more about this. How much do you have to slow down if you cannot change the lane to the left because of vehicles already in that lane? Thanks!
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    I know how the ABS/ESP work but I've never heard of rear ABS only and I heard the front wheel lock for quite a bit in your video, that's why I asked. Really nice info you gave me here. Much appreciated, thanks!
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    Revenue collection and Bauxite, AR PD

    So basically your radar alerts are pig squeals? Lol!
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    Radar Radenso RC M vs. Sheriff

    Nice stretch of road! I would have went faster too without a detector that's for sure. Insane range on your unit btw. It got the LEO over two hills which is quite impressive.
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    Radar Two Unmarked NPD Using I/0

    The voice was all over the place because there were two overlapping signals with different frequencies right?
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    Radar R3 - NO MOONSHOTS Here. Shorty compilation.

    Very nice compilation: I like this thing with calling out the trip odometer. I might implement it to in my next encounters too!
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    MA State Police K-Band Action (Bonus 35.5 Encounter)

    Thanks for the videos! I have the LRD950 and by the sound of that ramp up / ramp down I would say you are right: I/O. It fluctuates too much to be C/O especially being on that perfectly straight path of road. In the second text description you meant 0.14 time instead of 0.41 right? (video is...
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    I thought it was going to be a RD video when you used the word "clocked" but it turned out to be more of a scare than I expected. Nice save! Are you sure the ABS is working because it shouldn't allow any wheel to lock up for that long? Tip: pointing your camera down helps with the video...
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    1 - 0 TMG

    Can't see the video either.....
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    Radar NCHP on I-40 EB merge from 540

    I think the echoing you are referring to is caused by the auto volume of the dash cam: at first, when the V1 sound has a slower cadence you can hear the other sounds(ambient) turning down in volume when the V1 beeps then turning back up again as soon as the V1 stops. Doing this sequence very...
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    Radar Stealth C/O K band -saved by my Uniden-

    I understand now.
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    Radar Stealth C/O K band -saved by my Uniden-

    They do some random stops from time to time. They check your: insurance (quite a few people drive with their insurance expired) alcohol content with a breathalyzer fire extinguisher medical kit warning triangles (2 pieces) I don't have to explain the first two things because I guess they are...