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    The passing of Lee Iacocca

    My heart sank when I heard of this, such a pillar of the industry. I grew up around Mustangs, sad to hear this. What an icon, may he rest in peace.
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    Answering "Should I Get a Radar Detector?"

    The person in question for the original post would have no use for Waze, as the user base in Montana seems basically non-existent. However, in a more Waze-populated area I would say definitely. I think if I had known of Waze before getting a detector and finding this forum, that may have been a...
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    Would Ka POP On mode reduce R1/R3 performance if only one Ka segment is active?

    That is awesome, Vortex! I've been curious about this because I've been seeing the occasional POP alert when 33.8 comes around, cool impromptu testing!
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    Answering "Should I Get a Radar Detector?"

    That reminds me I should update that. I recently moved to Washington state, but the girl that started this whole question is still living in Montana. I do miss the level of enforcement in that state!
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    Answering "Should I Get a Radar Detector?"

    You guys have brought up a lot of good points. I've been thinking about purely ticket avoidance, but the situational awareness provided by a properly used RD is almost a bigger factor, thinking about my day to day use. The young lady in question made the comment in the same conversation that "I...
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    Answering "Should I Get a Radar Detector?"

    Damn, I should've asked you guys two days ago, I knew the question would probably come (or something like it) but didn't think about it. These are all good points. If she lived closer I would loan her my Radenso SP, see how she likes it.
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    Answering "Should I Get a Radar Detector?"

    Dang, that's a really good one. She's a hardcore coffee drinker too so that would've been stellar.
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    Answering "Should I Get a Radar Detector?"

    DISCLAIMER: I'll start with a background story, if you want to skip that my question will be at the bottom. So my girlfriend's family is in town, and I was driving my girlfriend and her sister to dinner in my CM car. R1 alerts me to state patrol somewhere in the next county, I mute it, and...
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    Official "Stuff I heard on my scanner" thread

    Heard this morning, just a single transmission from dispatch (no names included because I didn't remember them): "We have a welfare check on Chick A and a Corvette, sounds like this is originating from out of town. RP states Chick A is fighting with Chick B, as usual, and last night Chick A...
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    Uniden BCD436HP GPS Mod

    Don't currently own one, but if (let's be honest: when) I owned one, I'd be all over this.
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    Why the replaceable lens covers are a good thing.

    Or any semi-low car driven on a Montana highway/interstate for one summer :thumbsdown:
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    Ka Band segmentation trivia

    Your thread just reminded me to update my thread about a similar situation, you should peruse it for suggestions. Basically, are there any military bases nearby, airports, or potential LEO hangouts/meeting areas. It was something that bothered me up until I moved away from the area and was no...
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    34.7 With Unconfirmed LEOs

    So I've been reminded of this thread and realized I never posted what I think is a plausible solution. There's an office for Montana Highway Patrol close to the interstate (I90) as well as a department of transportation location. There could occasionally be an LEO at either of those sites or...
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    Ceramic Coatings

    This exact instance is the bane of my existence, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. But relating it to coatings, does anybody have experience with water spots etching more/less/not at all on certain coatings?
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    SP Firmware...

    I have to say, mine has been a stellar unit straight out of the box! Quiet when it needs to be and loud impressively early when it needs to be!