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    What Radar Detectors have you owned?

    Cobra Trapshooter Beltronics STi Magnum Valentine One Escort RX65 S7 (x2) Escort Redline Beltronics Vector 900 S7 Cobra XRS-9990 Whistler Pro 78SE Escort Max 360 (Current) Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Valentine or something else?

    If you like the 9500ix, the Max 360 is an improved version of that. You get the directional arrows, GPS lockouts, firmware updates, etc. There is something to be said about a detector that does a lot of things good, but not particularly great. The V1 is a range monster, so is the Escort...
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    Curious Idea: Rehousing a Detector for Period-Correct Applications

    If someone can jam the guts of an original Nintendo into a household toaster, certainly its possible to put a compact rd of today into a larger rd. My only issue of concern would be to make sure the lens of the antenna is unobstructed and unaltered; otherwise you may see degradation of...
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    Biggest radar detector collection

    It's probably a close race between CJR, Pointer, and Vortex. Vortex used to daily drive around with K and Ka band radar for kicks.
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    Is the Solo Battery Powered Detector Discontinued?

    If they re release a SOLO should put a lithium ion rechargable in a Redline. Last I looked at one, could be mistaken, but they had AA batts, a SOLO 2 as I recall. Personally, the whole battery operated RD idea is a niche in a niche market. The only usefulness I could see is using it in a...
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    What brand of detector do you use as your daily radar detector?

    Max 360. Picked it up at a pawn shop for a great deal. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Old RX65 S7, worth updating firmware?

    Had a S7 a few years back and I loved it. I knew already that local PD only used Ka and Laser, so I put her in USA mode and turned K off. Good but not great range, but absolutely a killer in reactivity and off-axis detection. Ended up giving it to my mother because I was taking an extended...
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    The argument for GPS...

    I'll take it if I can get it, but it's also a product of where you are at and how educated you are concerning what local and state law enforcement uses. For example, X band is not legal to use for speed enforcement in the state of Florida. Local cops use Ka and LIDAR exclusively. FHP uses...
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    good inexpensive detectors

    Didn't know this was for testing purposes. Yeah, get all the cheap stuff you can get. It's a good learning experience. :)
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    good inexpensive detectors

    Remember the days when we could still get Beltronics RX-65's for around $150 refurbished on Ebay from Escort? That is no more. Escort Passport, Bel RX-65, and Beltronics Pro 200 is probably the best choices around $200, with exception to some of the Uniden offerings. Way back in the the...
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    FHP Gets Tricky

    If you want to test your counter-measure system, drive on the turnpike and take a cruise on the Highways of Orlando. ...You won't have to wait long. Ka, K, LIDAR, Air Patrol, all nicely availible in one town. FHP has a their Turnpike Headquarters in Orlando as well. City PD are the biggest...
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    Your Radar Detector= how much over PSL?

    I don't think a sign gives me enough information on how fast I drive. What is traffic like? What is the weather? Is the road slick? What are the capabilities of my car? I drive as fast as conditions safely permit.
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    So I have an oppurunity to buy a 1978 Mustang King Cobra...

    With T-Tops, low miles, and a 5.0L V8 with a C4 Transmission. Black w/ gold artwork, black interior. Very clean. Thoughts on these cars? (This is just in the preliminary stages...)
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    GPS Speed stamp on video - pros and cons

    I've got an 0806, I would use the GPS if the GPS module worked...which it doesn't.
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    Handling LEO encounters

    ^ If she looks 35, immediately say she's 25, and immediately say its good to see young people get into a good career early. She may not believe you, but she will like you. ;)