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    Thinkware U1000

    Anyone else upgrading to the U1000 ? Black box my car has a trade up program from the Q800 Pro. U1000 Is 325$
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    Thinkware Q800 captures getting rear ended

    My wife was rear ended this morning. After uploading video to his insurance, case was closed out 100% his fault within 3 hours.
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    Parking Mode and Battery Question

    It’s hard wired to fuse box, that juices battery while driving. My battery chargers from 0-100% within a half hour of driving. Using only your car battery for parking mode will accelerate decline of battery life. Lead acid batteries do poorly with deep cycling. Invest in a dedicated dash cam...
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    AL Priority Rear Plate Mount...

    My shop fabricated it
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    AL Priority Rear Plate Mount...

    Custom mount It’s a tight fit
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    Las Vegas, NV Radar used 2018

    Have ALP with TX
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    Las Vegas, NV Radar used 2018

    LIDAR is not often used here in LV, but is in use nevertheless. As fiscal year budgets are implemented every year July 1. Anyone can file a freedom of information act with their local police department, and budget spending must revealed to the public. Every tax dollar must be itemized. So any...
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    Blackvue DR900S heatsink to help with overheating issues

    Best way to stop the Blackview over heating is swapping to Thinkware Q800.
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    Las Vegas, NV Radar used 2018

    Henderson’s motor units use K band IO Their k band frequently as I seen it’s centered well. As low as 24.119-24.67 I live in Henderson and K band is frequently used. They Use IO, so when my max 360 goes from quiet to full Alert within a second I know the K band threat is real. BTW LIDAR use...
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    R1/R3 v1.50 Firmware Released

    24.149-24.171 Local PD has their guns tuned to the middle of the spectrum
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    Dash cam deterrence

    I have my dash cam set up for the LED’s to blink in parking mode. Is it a better deterrent to advertise people are being filmed or does it just draw attention to the vehicle. Curious on opinions
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    Dragon eye 2

    While having my ALP install the shop technician mentioned there is a Dragon eye 2. Was told no system including ALP with TX head will jam this new version of the dragon eye. Is any of this true ?
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    First the ALP update and now this news!!!! ALP Control Box Rev. 4.0

    Just updated new firmware, I had to factory reset and then downloaded my settings. Pretty weird as this was the first update needing a factory reset. Any reason why ? All good now
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    ALP 2RX plus TX Toyota Tacoma

    Two RX and one TX. Very stealth install
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    ALP LED and TX head

    I’m going to be running ALP only with 1TX and 2RX on front of truck. Will LED be yellow or blue while driving. I’m used to blue LED when running 3RX heads. With GPS and TX added on what color will LED be ?