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    Custom Installed RD Testing: Escort Max Ci 360, K40 RL360di, Radenso RC M, Net Radar DSP, Stinger VIP, & Whistler Pro-3700

    This is a lot of really useful data, and I can't even imagine how long this took you to gather, compile and graph. Thanks @Vortex for taking the time to do this.
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    Uniden R7 and Radenso Pro M vs MRCD

    Thanks @Dukes for the test results. I know how much time it takes to gather this data but you've done a great job with it. Easy to read and understand, as well.
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    Hi guys

    Thanks everyone for the friendly welcome! It's such a rad and diverse group of individuals here. A lot of great ideas combined with a ton of enthusiasm, it's really great. As far as new future product, I can assure you of this: Rumors are guaranteed. When people ask if we're up to anything...
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    Hi guys

    I thought first rule of the forum is that we don’t talk about the forum. Or future products... Did I get the wrong memo?! 1555505200 It’s our honor to be here. For reals. The peeps here make us better. All feedback is good feedback in not just my opinion but what makes the industry stronger...
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    Hi guys

    Yeah, there's always great track stories it seems around the office... We're kinda lucky to have some pretty sick tracks within a 4 hour drive from home base: Mid Ohio, Indy GP, NCM and Pitt Race just to name a few. It's kinda crazy actually. I grew up in NY and Watkins Glen was my home track...
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    Hi guys

    Thanks. I have been a little to hesitant to post since I've got a very different skillset than Jon and Randy. Each and everyone of us at Radenso has certain talents and honestly that's what makes us work. We're all unique in what we do. Hell, if we were all clones we wouldn't be where we are...
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    Hi guys

    Hi everyone, I'm Mindi, the CSO at Radenso. Lurking here for awhile and decided I should probably post a hello and quick intro. I've been with Radenso for about 14 months and I've known @Jon at Radenso for about 7 years. We were fellow car enthusiasts first, became friends and now we're...

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