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    Radar Two good detections and a close call with airplane trap

    The funny thing about this is I do use Highway Radar when I'm driving but also use FlightRadar24 just to see what is up in the air when I'm not driving which these days is pretty much everyday.
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    2.2.0 released

    I did disable WiFi connection in the app, rebooted and it still showed up in my notifications. I couldn't kill it
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    2.2.0 released

    This update forced me to uninstall it after finding it was on, draining my battery waiting for me to do something. I did the upgrade before bed last night and noticed this morning I had an extra icon showing up in my notification area, a lot less battery than normal and even after a reboot, it...
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    Waze Getting Lane Assist

    She only will 'mention' my speed when approaching triple digits. Anything below that is fine with her. But wow she is the worlds 'best' backseat driver. Once when she was in the car behind me, while texting me what lane she wanted me to be in. Backseat driving from the car behind me! It...
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    Covid escape

    A short trip to escape the house. Eureka Springs is actually just 25-35 miles away from where I live. Many people see it as a resort town, a popular place for Honeymoons, arts and crafts but gear heads know it for it's twisty roads. I have a friend who drive a Lamborghini will frequent this...
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    Waze Getting Lane Assist

    I already have this - my wife
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    Think I am in the market for a new detector (V1 Gen 2 or R7)?

    The V1 G2 is a good detector but due to the covid virus, their office is closed so that kind of closes off that connection. Plus, there have been a LOT of reports about power issues with the new V1. Personally I have a uniden R1 in my wife's car and a R7 in my car. Was thinking about getting a...
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    Highway Radar v2.3: Voice control and alerts reporting

    Figured this one out. Settings - Voice Control - turn it off. Toast message goes away and changes on the first screen "Not Needed" with the check grayed out.
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    License Plate Fun!

    Not so much for yet another wildly expired vanity plate from the 80's but what it means. THEFISH Last name is Fisher, everyone in our family has a nickname of Fish, I just added a turbo in front when I started driving a turbo charged car in the 80's. Even my daughter when she was a little kid...
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    Wife has a new car!

    A Honda CR-V. We just picked it up and took our first super short road trip to drop off her old car [Subaru Forester] to have its airbag replaced. When we went to look at it, we were in my MX-5 which I'm running a Uniden R7. The sales guy looked a little surprised when I asked him if I could put...
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    Hello from AR

    I'm in NW Ark! Welcome
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    Expected range of R7

    While we all love to brag about our detectors getting a N mile range [I've done that too], that doesn't always represent normal activity. For example, I have gotten 5 mile range but that was over a lake and I have regularly gotten a 2 mile range on a straight road with not too many trees or...
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    Which Radar Should I Get?

    It has already saved me from some VASCAR tickets!
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    Which Radar Should I Get?

    All of the other suggestions are great, personally I use a Uniden R7 but am leaning to the new V1. But since you have an android, may I suggest highway Radar. Perfect companion for a good detector.
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    Other The OFFICIAL idiot drivers thread

    Another one from my wife. Love it when she takes my car - I get to hear words from her that I don't normally ever hear.