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    Dualpro 360 i don't trust it

    I'm very optimistic your 360 Max will provide you the protection & user satisfaction all RD owners desire!!! So far my DP 360 has ZERO issues; if it becomes glitchy or a pain in the rear.....R7 or Max 360c will be on my windshield! :cool:
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    Dual Pro 360 after a week of owning it

    Glad you have a functioning unit antennahead!! I purchased my DP 360 direct from Cobra & no issues since June 21st. This week I did ALOT of Interstate driving; the Auto LoK feature helped silence the GM/Mazda & Acura SUV's I encountered. If my DP starts freezing or lockups; I won't hesitate to...
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    Max 360c "sleeping/silent lock up" video

    ......door openers....I can relate!! My Cobra DP 360 filtered out 2 of them on July 14th. I posted on Cobra thread titled "350 miles w/Cobra pro 360" page 2...#32. Please read Vortex response (#36) that helped me understand better how Escort's auto mode helps. Also the "Escort Max360...
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    Max 360c "sleeping/silent lock up" video

    Good day!! I feel your pain.....2 yrs ago my Max 360 would freeze & lockup & Escort did nothing to help me resolve the issues. I sold it & bought a Radenso XP & later Uniden R1. The Cobra DP 360 is my daily driver & 3 problems & outstanding performance!! Yesterday the Auto Lo K was...
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    Radar/Laser detector malware

    Just returned home w/KC Kansas BBQ!!! Good solid ideas to stall Dr. Evil's nasty plan to bring down any RD company. There are 3 RD companies (connected car concept coined by a major RD company that I respect!!) that utilize & or give permission to use a crowd source application for notification...
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    Radar/Laser detector malware

    Just the title of this thread may start a "RD forum fire storm!!!" I have thought of this subject ever since I sold my Escort 360 last year due to persistent screen freezing & K band lockup issues. Computers, cell phones & their apps have protection against viral malware due to their powerful...
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    Dual Pro 360 after a week of owning it

    Very normal my friend! Thick foliage, tunnels, parking garages can impair GPS reception.
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    Uniden R7 Build quality are you satisfied or feel its a bit flimsy

    Yesterday here in the "Sunflower state"....The outside temp was in the 90's & my black Sport Fusion, black leather seats & dark window tint has a digital thermo I keep in the cubby hole near shifter read...."127 degrees!!!!" I hide my RD inside the case on the floorboard. I remember reading that...
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    Long time Radar detector owner.

    Welcome.....the R1/R3 & R7 series are great tools!! :cool:
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    Escort ix

    Good AM!! Before I sold my Max 360 last year due to lockups & screen freeze; EL did the same thing to me....reset all my settings...... including K/Ka band settings!!!! I think they went to a factory default....I am glad Escort finally listened to this community & fixed the bugs to make the 360...
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    Cobra's products are still garbage

    Good day benz598!! When I bought my Max360 in Aug/2017 month later in Sept. I noticed the K band lockup & screen freeze. I have been an Escort fan since my 1st Passport (metal construction w/orange toggle switch & red LED's for signal strength of K & X bands only!! ;) ). When Escort was...
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    Friday night. Do you go cruising to find LEOs to test your CMs on?

    My test drives (Ford Sport Fusion) are on Hyw 7 to Legends Shopping Center in KCK & Interstates 70/29 on the Missouri side. Today I was approaching Legends & Cobra DP 360 gave me a great off axis K band alert of a KCK city patrol car. My drives are done on (days off) Fridays & Sundays....My...
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    I feel dirty..

    WOW!!!! High return rate my friend....maybe buy a Powerball ticket & with the winnings buy M/Valentine's business & donate the rest to RD Forum!! Seriously.....don't give up on either company.These devices/tools/toys are designed to execute many, many functions & as another member recently said...
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    Dual Pro 360 after a week of owning it

    Maybe the "Radar Detector God" wants you to cross over to the Cobra (DP 360)'s all good broham!!!! :happyanim::bump:
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    350 miles with cobra pro 360

    My thoughts....If you want the Max 360c with the extras: WI-FI, color choice of arrows, bogey counter....go for it!! I bought the DP 360 because of a swap out of my Cobra DSP 9200 (defective female jack & no parts to repair) & a gut feeling the Elite brand may become a positive change for a RD...