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    Friday night. Do you go cruising to find LEOs to test your CMs on?

    My test drives (Ford Sport Fusion) are on Hyw 7 to Legends Shopping Center in KCK & Interstates 70/29 on the Missouri side. Today I was approaching Legends & Cobra DP 360 gave me a great off axis K band alert of a KCK city patrol car. My drives are done on (days off) Fridays & Sundays....My...
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    I feel dirty..

    WOW!!!! High return rate my friend....maybe buy a Powerball ticket & with the winnings buy M/Valentine's business & donate the rest to RD Forum!! Seriously.....don't give up on either company.These devices/tools/toys are designed to execute many, many functions & as another member recently said...
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    Dual Pro 360 after a week of owning it

    Maybe the "Radar Detector God" wants you to cross over to the Cobra (DP 360)'s all good broham!!!! :happyanim::bump:
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    350 miles with cobra pro 360

    My thoughts....If you want the Max 360c with the extras: WI-FI, color choice of arrows, bogey counter....go for it!! I bought the DP 360 because of a swap out of my Cobra DSP 9200 (defective female jack & no parts to repair) & a gut feeling the Elite brand may become a positive change for a RD...
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    350 miles with cobra pro 360

    Before buying the DP 360 I was using the Uniden R1 & forgot about the "lockout system". I use my Radenso XP @ work which saves my bacon daily!! Now w/my RD forum family sharing the knowledge; I hope to stay in the learning curve....Thanks Bossdad71 & have a safe trip & share any encounters!! :cool:
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    350 miles with cobra pro 360

    Do you use the auto-lockout on your DP 360??
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    350 miles with cobra pro 360

    Good AM!!! I apologize for the bold print; my 65 y/old eyes are dimming. 1st I want to thank Vortex for his wisdom & knowledge on this auto-learn/lockout feature. I read the page on "Max 360c K band "issue" & lockout of police K band"....WOW!!!! Roaddogg & Poolmon's encounters were very...
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    Escort Max360 Discontinued?

    I just posted a comment on the "350 miles w/Cobra DP 360" page that with your experience may have the answer. Do you think the Cobra/Escort engineers have updated the software in the DP 360 to ignore some of the "Speed nanny signs" & auto-door opener sensors??? A master listing of the door...
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    350 miles with cobra pro 360

    Just returned from a community that is 18 miles (24 minutes) south that has thick LEO speed enforcement. I drove thru Brawlmart just to manually lockout the auto-door sensors. Then went to strip mall across the street & noticed Ace Hardware was gray out & across street again to a Price Chopper...
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    Parking while texting

    Before he left home, he took 3 bong hits & needed to drive to the dispensary to purchase more "Rocky Mountain High"!!!! :chord:
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    350 miles with cobra pro 360

    3 hrs....32 minutes away from me. I reside in "1st City"....I call it "Lockdown Town" due to the many correctional institutions that employ many residents!! Not much K band here, but occasional laser & much KA with natural hills/curves & trees to give any high end RD a real world challenge!!
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    350 miles with cobra pro 360

    Thanks Bossdad71 for the tutorial on band seg for the Cobra DP 360!! Please view my post of my real world encounters w/this "Serpentine Beast" on the "Escort Max360 Discontinued?" page. I guess I should have posted it here.....I'm from Kansas....that explains it. :lolhit:
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    Escort Max360 Discontinued?

    Much thanks Deadhead1971!! After my post; I realized I maybe should have posted my comments under the..."Cobra Road Scout and the 360 Cobra" bad!!! If the moderator wants to shift my post problem. This is my second post and this community of enthusiasts are contagious....Love...
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    Escort Max360 Discontinued?

    Let's talk about real world performance of the 360 DP!!! I have been driving it daily since June 19 and the BSM/IVT rejection is as good if not better than the Max 360 I owned last year before selling it at a loss here in the "Sunflower State!" Today I was in Platte County which has thick...
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    Cobra Road Scout and the 360 cobra

    Never did I think my first post would be my initial impressions of owning a Cobra!!! I purchased the Cobra DSP 9200BT Nov.2017 & RadensonXP after I sold my Escort Max 360. Last year the female power port on the Cobra broke. This month I sent the unit in for repair & no parts are available...

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