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    TMG Black Friday Sales

    WOW !!!! Thanks for the TRULY AWESOOOOME DEAL .... especially taking into account the Latest Florida Independent Testing results ... snd your 2G heads and 8.09 Firmware RELEASE !!!! We users slay the Dragons every day at the office TMG users SLAY THE DRAGONS on our way there ...
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    Recommendations Please

    FLORIDA = STALKER LAZER AND STALKER RADAR(34.7ka). And a smatering of 35.5ka And a few not many of ... "Fire breathers" ((One in Gainesville, one around Ft Lauderdale/Miami))) ((Min Li, (NOT fire breathers)) TMG's or ALPs Most all Benzr
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    INFO South Florida Laser Countermeasure Testing Group 2019 Winter Test Event

    Possibly ... can contribute Stalker TSS Fire Breathing5 If Im still there selling that Yaught Reno i've been playing with last few months in Naples.
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    Is the escort 9500ix outdated or still a solid unit?

    I never owned a MAX II but i have read really awesome things as to its performane !!! IMHO based on experienced users here you will do well with it !!! I have recommended it here previously as well. Just read you went with R3 .... AWESOME DETECTOR BTW ... Mine was just too Freakin' chatty on...
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    Have you met her?

    DEAD ON @Transporter !!!!!!! 👍👍😎😎 Benzr 1574692300 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !! Now THAT's FUNNY !! Benzr 1574692942 I KNEW VERY EARLY what Michaels company had created would evolve into this !!!! It just took yet ANOTHER INNOVATOR ((Jon)) to bankroll it to its progression and foresee it's FUTURE...
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    This is why I dont trust my R7

    @G39x X10 !!!!! KENNY will definitely get to the bottom of any issues with your R7. He deals w DAILY I/O [email protected] I get it EVERYTIME i journey yo Asheville, NC. If it performs well Kenny will discover that too !! Benzr Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Radar Detector Recommendation For Mid-West US Region

    DudeinNZ is correct .. The AutoLearn ...for now anyways belongs to the Escort /Bel Products Only The V1 thru the use of an App JBV1 and your Android will handle AutoLearn Exceptionally Well. !! However for the complete plug and pray system the 360c is an excellent choice (( i don't own one...
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    Looking for RD Surgeon!!

    Wow !!!! EXTREMELY THOROUGH. I like the shrink wrap idea .. I always used tiny zip ties. OSCILLOSCOPE .... I'm jealous. You're most likely using a soldering station ... again jealous. [emoji12] I actually did microsurgery w the 15w weller and a thoroughly filed sharp tip. Just dont "play"...
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    A Goodbye

    Charles Thanks for putting up with us TROUBLE Customers. We're enthusiasts and you was able to come thru our Gauntlet unscathed [emoji41][emoji41] Well .. almost unscathed L0L. Jenna ... Welcome aboard !! Buckle up !! It's a Wild Ride [emoji12][emoji12] Jk ... Were cute cuddly kittens...
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    Massive Rookie Mistake

    Take one of yhe leads on the plug and ziptie it tightly to your Tap Wire. Will last forever !!and wont ever come out as its locked in. Did this on many cars !! Benzr Posted from my iPhone using the RDF Mobile App!
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    [Patent] High Probability of Intercept Radar Detector (part 2)

    Hahahah Looooove that last line !!! [emoji12][emoji12] Blast from the Past !!! Retro ... Niiiiice [emoji41][emoji2][emoji41] Benzr Posted from my iPhone using the RDF Mobile App!
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    Who won the contest for the Pro M

    CONGRATS ... it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. You're tests etc. Even waaaaaay b4 you acquired the TMG gig. You and hiddencam !!! Kenny too w his R1 s and Whistlers. We ALL KNOW 'BOUT Vortex so no need to mention the Great One !! ... ooops just did .... smile Seriously Thanks for...
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    Who won the contest for the Pro M

    I know I know .... WTF ??? Jag42 .... really ???? Who'd ever thunk ??? Give the Pro M to your wifey. She/you will THANK ME later !! Just sayin' Benzr Posted from my iPhone using the RDF Mobile App!
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    Who won the contest for the Pro M

    Hahahahaha ...... Yup ..... [emoji56][emoji56][emoji56][emoji56] Benzr Posted from my iPhone using the RDF Mobile App!
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    What would you buy

    R3 or R7 for the 'maro Owned/used/tested all mentioned here And if Windshield detector .... then ... R3 is w/in your range will get you AWESOOOOME DIGITAL PROTECTION !!! R7 = Arrows extra Expensive and wil be more prone to K Band Falses as two antennaes to find 'em. V1 is fantastic still...