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  • Need your opinion on upgrading my ProSE to a Pro M... tried to leave you msg. earlier but could not as it said i had more than 420 caricatures?
    benzr... Sorry to bother you but I just purchased an open box RPSE last week and am trying out different settings... Here in west Tn., we have mostly Ka-34.7 and a whole lot of K-band... These are the settings that I am running:
    Setting Mode=Highway, Display=Bar, X=Off, K=Narr., Ka=Narr., TSR=High, Ka filter=Normal, Red light & Speed Cam.= Off, Voice=Off, Smart Dark.

    I would appreciate your thoughts/recommendations based on you experience w/RPSE...

    I also own the RXP, and the V1... I also had but returned the RPro, because of the subpar K-band alerts... To me the underrated detector is the Radenso XP it's a real sleeper/hidden gem... Needs a little work especially on the lack of ramp-up/flatline, additionally I hate the Ka "Chirp" sound! other than that it's great detector.

    Thanks again for your time and recommendations!... Fred
    I apologize that I haven't answered but I've been out of the country. The problem with my computer is that it doesn't recognize the detector. I have enough memory and all its that it doesn't recognize it. I have Windows 7. I spoke to michael and he cannot explain it either. I will try my sons computer and see what happens. Thank you for the offer to help me though I'll post it if it works on my sons computer. Thank u
    I just ordered the RPSE a few hours ago -- will be here in 2-3 days. Will update to the new firmware as soon as I get it. Could you please enlighten me on what the best settings are, i.e., for GA and FL? I saw in a post that you have spent time in the Atlanta area recently (K/Ka/POP in Cobb Country, laser). Thank you in advance.
    Jeffrey Sherman
    Well I pulled the trigger this morning and ordered the RPSE, I really wanted to make myself consider the Max360 but I opted for the SE. Is there any information you can share regarding how to set it up. Naturally I want it to work well but I will be taking a road trip from OKC to Destin, Florida in a couple of weeks and I don't want to hear my grown daughter and wife saying turn that beeping thing off because it is detecting every garage door on the trip. Thanks in advance.
    benzr, thanks for taking time to educate me a bit. I am going to bite the bullet and give the rpse a try. thanks again.
    Benzr, what are your thoughts so far on the Radenzo? I am getting back into the RD's and thinking about the Pro SE. Thanks, Terry
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