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    Ticketed for using my high beams in a potentially dangerous situation

    I have to agree here. With oncoming traffic, you should be using low beams only.
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    Officially Joined / Long Time Lurker

    Welcome! It's a great community with tons of knowledge.
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    When you want to 1-up your neighbor and his LS-engine-swap he did...

    I wonder if that would fit in my E36 track car, lol
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    R7 - Whats your longest detection?

    Wow, there are some long range detection's in this thread!
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    Greetings from San Antonio

    Welcome from a fellow Texan!
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    Sold/Ended Escort Passport Max 360 (BLE S/N 85x)

    $327 is a pretty good price for the original Max 360 as well.
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    Sold/Ended Escort Passport Max 360c

    That is a good price. If I didn't just get the Cobra DP360, I would be tempted to buy this.
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    M360 - Randomly Sleeping

    Gosh, I hope my Max360's have not been locking up. I have never noticed it. They seems to always detect the speed sign in my neighborhood.
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    Sold/Ended Radenso Pro M (Multiple Listings)

    Thanks for the links. I have been tempted to try the Pro M, but I really like my arrows.
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    Cobra iRadar with Max360

    I completely agree. Sure, I would like to have it all (arrows, longest range, and great BSM filtering), but I will give up some range (as long as it gives me the needed notice) to get the better BSM. I am tempted by the R7 though, as it seems as though people have used all the features to get...
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    First Uniden RD

    Welcome to the forum! I have an R3 as well. Once dialed in, it is quieter than my old 9500ix (but not as quiet as my Max360)
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    Cobra iRadar with Max360

    So far I have been really happy with mine. It performs just like my Max 360's do. The range is not as good as my R3, but it gives lots of advance notice in time for me to slow to the PSL. The BSM seems excellent, as its very quiet. I love the arrows and auto-lock outs.
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    UNIDEN R7 - All discussions relating to mounting your R7

    Please post pics. My Cobra 360 uses the Mag mount, and I would love to be able to use the same mount when I get an R7.
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    Newbie Here

    Welcome to the forums!
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    New RD user from Ohio!