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    Would anyone buy a R7 for $560?

    for me personally, saving $40 isn't worth the possible risk of any kind of fraud/etc. I wouldn't bite for less than $100 off for something not bought direct from a vendor. 1560271706 that being said, Tony i see you are in Houston so if you DO want to sell it for $499 let me know :)
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    R7.....No BS on this thread

    welcome back, Team. Please stay on topic and be respectful. No degrading answers.
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    Woot closed on the house yesterday now to get a job in Houston. Hah

    What part of town are you going to live in? I am out in Cypress.
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    Bogey tone as you pass leo?

    I frequently get bogey alerts on Ka band as I get closer to/pass LEOs.
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    Locations where additional Ka segments (ie. segment 6) are needed

    Multiple segment 6 hits tonight in Fort Bend County, TX, on Highway 6 and I-69.
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    A very nice save from behind on my front facing R3

    What kind of car do you drive? The mirror-tap was ridiculously easy on my (hand-me-down from wife) Nissan Rogue. I missed the arrows initially, despite 3 years passing between owning my V1 and getting my R3. It is an adjustment at first, and yes there are times when it would be helpful (going...
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    A very nice save from behind on my front facing R3

    The initial desire is to beat a speeding ticket. Then we get addicted. And sucked in. And we want it all.
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    A very nice save from behind on my front facing R3

    I passed a DPS who had just finished a traffic stop on I-45 Friday between Dallas and Houston. I slow to PSL+5. He's directly behind me, and when there was probably 200 yards between us he starts hitting me with I/O to see if I was speeding up. He ended up getting a guy who was passing in the...
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    Uniden R1 strange alert

    Uniden has listened to the wants and needs of RD enthusiasts and finally created a Cop Detector. This, combined with a Rocky Mountain Radar Jammer, is the ultimate combination in police countermeasures. Waiting on @Vortex review soon.
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    Switching from Escort to Uniden R3

    My request for version 1.5x.xx - Screw the arrows. Integration with my GPS that shows exactly where the LEO :p:p:p
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    How to get rid of the Volt meter on R1/R3

    That was one of my peeves about the R1 before I upgraded to the R3. Only recourse you have is dark mode.
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    Another Uniden magazine ad. Kewl...

    this is an excellent thread.
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    Another Uniden magazine ad. Kewl...

    nice 752! though it reminds of a joke i heard back in my airline days (CO and WN FA) - "how do you know there's a pilot in the room?" ..... "he'll tell ya!"
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    R3 Firmware 1.46

    more BSM falsing on 1.46 due to having to turn TSF off. Ka band still superior in my experience. It's normal to take a few weeks to really believe in it. Sometimes, you won't get amazing Ka saves because of LEO position and road/nature composition. When you finally get your first amazing hit...
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    What's your favorite KA band alert tones for R1/R3?

    #10. The double brap just like the old 8500 X50, RX-65 (IIRC), and V-1. Hell.. now I'm thinking about how much I loved my old V-1. Must snap out of it. R3 is better...R3 is better...

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