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    This is why you don't let people "try new stuff" on your car

    Besides form, was function impacted? Am I not seeing right, or did that stuff mess with your grille plastic too? What a bummer man. Maybe a member or manufacturer/distributor has a broken head that can be experimented on. Maybe this would be a good Vortex 5 minute Friday or longer- what to...
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    Who else is holding on to their V1 while waiting for the V2 issues to get worked out

    Got my gen2 pretty early after release, I really like it. No troubles yet *knock on wood*... but I didn’t get rid of my updated gen1 just yet either. Just kicking around the idea of selling it while someone can still get some better use than me letting it collect dust in the garage. I want to be...
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    Just ordered a brand-new V1 Gen2

    I am an anti-apper and my gen 2 still works just fine. I dare say, range and performance are not affected. I dare because there are some pretty hot tempers over people not using the apps. I know. You may decide the V1 or running another phone in the car phone sucks. I decided my phone +...
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    Have the bugs all been worked out for the V1G2?

    I thought my R7 was pretty good, out performed everything else except my old Redline. I get detections that are unbelievable with gen 2. Seriously. Unbelievable. The off axis range and absolute tracking is amazing.
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    When upgrades resume will G2s be debugged?

    Thanks @Vortex for reaching out and relaying some of that for us.
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    V1G2 doesn't like the heat of 80 degrees and sunlight.

    Wow this is very hard to watch as it unfolds. I hope VR pulls it together. This is putting me in mind of the discussions that popped up when the R7 came out. But we all knew about Uniden QC. I am sort of a VR fanboy and this is brutal dude. I'm sure Mr. V isn't too thrilled either.
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    Theia timeline

    That is a pretty cool building. Could fit lots of radar stuffs in that picanic basket.
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    Is your V1G2 still OK?

    Seriously! I can relate. Both as an admin and as a person. I watch the panic happen to my users and I experience the panic for myself at times. This is somewhat of an emotional event, I mean we finally get a new V1 after years of speculation and at an entire year with no product. Even VR calls...
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    Thoughts on 9500iX

    I have an x50 Black from the same era as the 9500; at the time it was even reported as being primarily the same guts, minus GPS. SO the comparison is there, and you'll get the underlying point I am driving here in a second. Now I really liked my x50. I took it out last year sometime and was...
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    New Old Redline?

    Sounds a bit like cleaning up shelves and selling off old stock. Could mean making room for something new, could mean other things. Could mean nothing, like they had some extra time on their hands and some 'essential' employees that still needed a paycheck and things to do. After all the...
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    Can anyone please tell me what this is?

    I'm not an Escort or a Kenwood guy anymore, but this would have been very cool. Anyone here actually ever use it? Or did it make it to production?
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    Is your V1G2 still OK?

    Alive and well.
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    Updated List of Mechanical Issues with the new V1G2

    Basically this +1 over here. Although I had issues with my Uniden R1, and my buy in was well after the launch; I have a dud R1 on my desk right now (this one is already a warranty replacement, too). It died just in time to buy a V1gen2 so I am really hoping my gen2 doesn’t decide to become a...