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    Pro-M too Quiet?

    Nope, no radar detector is going to detect laser well... Hence the name "radar" Laser is point accurate so would take long range and a wobbly hand for your detector to actually get hit and go off.
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    Finally Snagged An R3!

    yes done all this, was better, but still too much to make me turn k band off (around the city). If we ever get k band filtering ability would be the ultimate. The major thing I've noticed between 1.37 & 1.48 is laser falses, i haven't had one since I've switched to 1.37.
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    Finally Snagged An R3!

    I drove home last night after 1.37 and got really excited with no alerts. Realised K was still off :( It’s definitely better on 1.37 testing this morning. Still falses, but isn’t as long and painful as 1.48 but enough for me to still keep k band off
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    Finally Snagged An R3!

    Im gonna flash mine right now to 1.37
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    It's June...

    You must not be using K band?
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    Will R3/R1 get K block Filter like R7?

    I would rather have k band segmentation, I know its been asked for a while. That would be a game changer.. for me anyway.
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    NZ Chat thread - Post anything related to CM

    Wonder what frequency that is since the Uniden r3 is reporting higher than the other detectors, some are reading sub 24.050...
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    Radenso Welcomes New Director of Product Development

    looks like I might hold off upgrading my r1 to a r7 and see what Radenso brings out in the future!
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    R3 Laser Falsing

    maybe I have a bung r1, mine false at least every drive (20 mins or so) I just run laser off here in NZ
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    R3 Laser Falsing

    Does your new unit false the same amount as your previous r3?
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    Another Uniden magazine ad. Kewl...

    The only thing that would have made this picture better is if there was an r3 mounted to the windscreen...
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    R3 Confirmed Sleeping/Dead on K-Band

    isn't the heartbeat just an animation? as in there is no correlation to what the detector is actually doing?
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    Redflex and R3 1.46 in Calgary

    Hey yes, sorry i meant fixed. I'm yet to go past mobile redflex camera. I run k band off as it seems to have gotten rid of alot of the falses i had previously.
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    Redflex and R3 1.46 in Calgary

    Have you tried turning k off and only running mrcd? sounds strange but i've been doing that in New Zealand and have been picking up redflex cameras......
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    R3 NZ V1.46 with NZ database

    I've got k band off, just ka band and mrcd. Not sure what the camera is using on ponsonby road, but coming down great north road i can pick up the signal from the Porsche dealership.