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    TMG a-15 August Sale & Product Update

    Ah come on nothing off a single sensor order , sale is on systems only , now that's not very nice only appealing to new customers and not old ones , some may want to add Xtra sensors to the front or rear ?
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    Laser Jammer Shootout: ALP vs. Escort ShifterMax vs. Stinger Fiber vs. TMG vs. K40 Defuser Optix vs. Adaptiv TPX

    First off thank U vortex for that video , shew glad it was you. I like to point out that while there was ipt or pt , that the heads for each system are in a not so good location or say to close , not a optimal setup for so many heads at once , I think all heads needed to be spread apart more...
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    Sensor ports in series or parallel ??

    No interest , mod please delete and my account to thanks
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    Laser Jammer- What should I buy ?

    Id say place your money on ether of the top 3 , apls , tmg , escort !!! However , escort lacks updates and falls behind product is good since they use blinder heads ! I cant answer this but i have researched alps and i think it has gotten better head failure rates where high , ive heard since...
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    case law about lidar use in NH

    Very good info but ive only had 2 lidar tickets , 1 before CM and 1 after due to sensor failure , nether had distances , i do see it being a hard fight to fight even if its over 1000ft , but questioning the leo on the stand about the beam spreading out , mayb onto another car , could get a...
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    case law about lidar use in NH

    Not sure your state and its been awhile since i read it but i thought by law they are not spose to go over 1000 feet also , again thats been years since i read that .
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    Jammer Success Rate

    Ive had my share of tickets 250+ when i purchased the redline O , my radar problems went away , however i found out , my tickets did not , so i purchased a laser jammer and since then ive been radar and laser ticket free !!!! Minus 1 when a sensor failed 5 years later , i got a laser ticket ...
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    Had to Move Sensor Head

    Could u mount the outer 2 under that main beam running across , like a upside down v pattern _-_ ? Seems like that would work abit better ? Just a thought , that is how i would do it if it was me
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    TMG quad on Focus JTG....

    Mayb 1 day jared will b passing through baton rouge !!! And he will have his guns to test me out !! Fingers crossed !!!
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    TMG quad on Focus JTG....

    @hammerdown good job !! Mayb over kill but hey better safer then sorry !!!
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    TMG quad on Focus JTG....

    No only by a leo once dark out on highway runing 85 ish , he didnt come for me so that was a good test !!! I think my outer side on headlights and fog lights , would be my weak link , to far out to mount a sensor to cover the outer edges ! But i think if i had that problem id move the bottem...
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    TMG quad on Focus JTG....

    I often wonder how much recess u can get away with , i think that cuts u down big time , i always try to put mine at the edge of grill as far out with out being to far outfront , i aften wonder if i should move my bottem out closer to the front edge ! But it is were it is for now ! Just washed...
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    Talk about on the front lines !!

    They stand in there driveway and laser , inspection stickers , seatbelts !! And they just changed the rd from 45mph to 35 , thats always been 45 for 30+years , set up coming !! Ck out my view !! I so ready to get away from this hornets nest !!
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    DragonEye on I-10 ?

    I think id know if i was hit by a dragon by the ticket ida got , the 905 would not pick it up but the cop would me ,the tmg has me covered now , im happy with the system simple does its job like it says and getn stronger !! I Look forward to many saves !!