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    EX Updated to 1.7

    Well, just updated to 1.7...lets see where this journey shall take me
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    Amazon Review Top 3 Detectors

    Dan has one heck of a commute Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    2018 Subaru Outback 2.5i Uniden R3

    I just hardwired my 2018 Crosstrek...buuuuut, I didnt get eye sight. So, where you have cameras, I just have 2 small U-shape cutouts where the headliner meets the windshield (my guess was for eye sight wiring that was never installed). You should be able to easily tuck your wire to the left of...
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    Holiday Time...pretty quiet

    Took a trip down to Lancaster area today, unexpectedly quiet giving the upcoming 4th of July. Passed one PSP near the Rt22 and Rt78 WB merge, facing the WB traffic on Rt22 (he was sitting EB in behind a tree patch). Redline EX ramped up fast on Ka 24.200 on his hand-held radar approx 1/4 mile...
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    Subi gets a buddy

    It did, though I moved it down approx 1" for better radar sight. Going on 4 days and suction cup is holding steady, so nice to remove that gaudy Velcro!
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    Road Rage – Post them up

    Yeah, being originally from NJ...its funny to see anti 2A state residents commit acts of road rage with blunt objects. Its even funnier when its done in states where conceal carry is normal (quite a few open around here as well, I normally open on range days). Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A...
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    Important lesson to RD newbies: listen to your RD

    Sounds like rolling under the MacArthur Rd (RT 145) on 22EB...nice 'your speed is" sign there. Was the PSP in the trees by the entrance ramp coming off RT 378/Schoenersville Rd? That whole stretch of 22 EB and WB is a K band party with all of the construction going on. Even now on RT33 SB at the...
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    Subi gets a buddy

    So, one of 2 'local' Best Buys had a hardwire kit for my Redline Ex. Nothin-fancy...will test it today heading into NJ for Fathers Day Edit: Left the radar setup on the frits all night...going to see if it decided to make a dive onto my console or stayed suctioned up there. Sent from my...
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    NEPA Checking In...

    Off to BestBuy tomorrow to pick up a hard wire windshield mounting [emoji16] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    NEPA Checking In...

    TY! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    NEPA Checking In...

    TY! My first trip with it into Long Island City was before I was segmenting anything...needless to say, I was anxious to fix that right away. I haven't been in the Metro area since, but did do a run up to Middletown, CT via Merritt. 2 Ka hits (34.7 maybe?) on 287 before hitting Rt15, one rolling...
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    NEPA Checking In...

    Hey all, figured I would get an acct going. Hope to learn more by engaging in some convo...Im running a RedlineEX in my 2018 Subi Crosstrek. I travel for work, mainly into NJ (originally from), NY, CT, MA, and other surrounding PA states. Anywhere else and its a plane ticket.