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    NJ Speed Enforcement without radar or lazer.

    Exactly what you said. If the Officer shows up and testifies and isn’t a complete idiot, there is little difference to most judges if the cop says “Trust me, the Radar gun said the driver was doing 85 mph, or the officer says, Trust me, my speedometer says we were both driving 85 mph.” Either...
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    Radar Good save [V1G2]

    I agree with you. Pretty savvy officer that knows his craft. Most seem to just throw the lights on and chase. He was pretty crafty just catching up quietly and letting him hang himself even more. Also, the way things are out there right now (especially after the NHP murder) I’m not surprised...
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    NJ Speed Enforcement without radar or lazer.

    Not true at all. The radar gun is only used to validate that the police officer was correct in saying you were speeding. The officer first (according to most statutes) recognizes you are speeding visually, then uses a speed measuring device to confirm his visual determination. If an officer is...
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    Valentine one G1 latest fw had quick question

    A lot of the “Your Speed” signs don’t set off radar detectors. There are many people on the forum who report that their RD’s don’t respond to certain brands of speed signs. I wouldn’t be overly alarmed. I’m guessing you are talking about pole mounted signs like these:
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    If it Was You, I Apologize – Maybe

    While I TOTALLY agree in theory with what everyone is saying, I'm just going to remind you all that it takes TWO to have a road rage incident. At the end of the day, as satisfying as it is, is it really worth risking getting in an accident with a douchebag? Or even worse, having said douchebag...
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    Vortex Ramp Up Comparison Posted on YouTube

    In my case, as a R7 user, I'd just prefer a bit slower ramp up. I don't need full tilt all lights going for up to 1.5-2 miles. This is routinely the case on stretches of the freeway out here in Utah. I like the V1G2 ramp up....except, in Vortex's video, it didn't hit full ramp until almost the...
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    Vortex Ramp Up Comparison Posted on YouTube

    So, for us R7 users, is this something Uniden could choose to change with firmware? Watching the video, I would like a touch more notice than the V1 offers, it seems to me it should go full tilt just prior to the officer getting a readout on his radar, but certainly not 1 mile away like I...
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    Vortex Ramp Up Comparison Posted on YouTube

    I love my R7, but I wish it ramped up just a bit slower and ramped down a bit faster. I’ve had so many experiences with dual stalkers both going that I have full ramp up for 2 miles towards the Trooper and 2 miles going away!!! That’s a lot of time in full ramp up! Especially if there happens...
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    Looks Like VR is shutdown-COVID 19 - Order Page Header

    90 minutes plus 24 hours. (Today is Sunday 😜)
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    Radar Speed Sign Watcher

    Any laser use in your area? Could've been set up for that as well with the way he was parked.
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    This guy got tagged at 150mph on a bike with LIDAR by California Highway Patrol

    I'm guessing that in California, he found one small open stretch of road and opened it up. Then hit the next section of the other million miles of freeway that were bumper to bumper and slowed down. For sure there were plenty of other CHIP's hangin out nearby. On a quick weekend trip there 2...
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    V1 Gen2 vs R7, V1 Gen1, Redline EX, Max360c, Pro M on 33.8, 34.7, 35.5, & K band, Red Barn Test Course 3-16-20

    I'd only read of one so far, have there been many more? I've been a bit busy at work and haven't been on as much the last couple of days. Edit: just saw the Valentine forum with the few others that have had a problem with power. I'm guessing it will be a relatively small glitch. Too much...
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    V1 Gen2 vs R7, V1 Gen1, Redline EX, Max360c, Pro M on 33.8, 34.7, 35.5, & K band, Red Barn Test Course 3-16-20

    What the Theia will hopefully offer is far more than what you've just stated. It would in theory ONLY alert to actual known police radar units. It would NEVER alert to BSM, door openers, or anything else. Don't you think it would be nice to only have a detector make noise when it is 100% police...
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    Trouble understanding “no app”, maybe the market has split?

    Very nice summation. Thank you for the well thought out and very intelligent response. I really enjoy reading your comments. I always learn something.
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    JBV1 without cellular data?

    That is some serious "seat time". What do you do?