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    R3 rear detection

    I-680 CHP Ka Encounter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    California I-5 settings advice

    This is my exact setup for K band. I travel often from the Bay Area to LA and only have had very few K alerts. For those corny K alerts that do get through, it just serves me as a reminder to be vigilant. Also, I’ve noticed that LEO’s like to stand-by those electrical speed limit signs. These...
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    I-680 CHP Ka Encounter

    I was debating about whether to quickly move to the right asap or kind of let it seem like I was oblivious and just cruising near the speed limit. I’m under the impression that any hasty moves as soon as seeing a CHP creep on you is already a reason for them to have attention on you.
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    I-680 CHP Ka Encounter

    My rear window is also relatively smaller than the average car. With a narrow FOV, the R3 was still able to deliver. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I-680 CHP Ka Encounter

    Yeah I feel if it wasn’t for the car in front of the cruiser, i would’ve been toast. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I-680 CHP Ka Encounter

    I have Ka on segmentation as recommended by a thread on here for Northern California people. I have K on narrow. Traffic filter is on. I am also on the latest firmware as of 11/18/2018. EDIT: I’m also always in City mode. I remember reading a post on here saying that in City mode, K band is...
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    I-680 CHP Ka Encounter

    Thought I’d share a video with you guys that shows the R3 saving me from a ticket. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Apart from electrical resistance in cables from the battery to any part of your car, another reason why the available voltage may be less is because there might be devices already attached to the same voltage supply output that may be consuming current. Consumption of current by a load...
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    How do you have your R3 wired to your car? Are you using a cigarette lighter output or have it connected to a fuse box or? You need to take into account that just because the voltage measured in the engine bay is a certain value doesn’t mean that the voltage inside the vehicle (e.g. cigarette...
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    Is there any way to power my R3 off a solar battery pack?

    Not worth it. Not only would you not be able to properly power the device, if you did manage to connect a solar pack, the radar would not performance to specs.
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    R3 Voltage

    12.9V to 14.2V is typical for a car battery. The reason why it varies is because it depends on how fast the alternator in your car is spinning to charge your battery. The electrical engineers that put together the R3 (or any car accessory device) have taken this into account so that your device...
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    Windshield window tint effect on radar performance.

    Hi everybody. I am getting my windshield tinted with 3M Crystalline 70% and was wondering if anyone has the same setup. If so, has the windshield won’t affected the sensitivity/performance of your radar detector? I was looking around to see if the 3M Crystalline film is either metallic or...
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    Poll: How much additional would you pay to add arrows to R series ?

    I wonder if having more than one antenna would affect the high sensitivity that the R3 has now been known for. I can remember from college that coupling between the antennas may reduce the performance of the detector. How much bigger are the other detectors than the R3 that can alert you the...
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    Poll: How much additional would you pay to add arrows to R series ?

    A tangent is already touching the topic [emoji13]. I think the show you are referring to is the anual Consumer Electronics Show (CSE) that happens in Vegas. Maybe someone else can chime in and correct me if I’m wrong.