Apr 10, 2012
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RedRocket United States

* Photon Dispensator, from USA

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    1. Ifarted
      RR, shoot me a pm with details. If you are going to call me, i will be available after 6:30pm today
    2. RedRocket
      Hey Tunaman -
      Replied via a PM...check your in-box.
    3. tunaman
      :) Hi Red Rocket
      I see you have a Challenger and was wondering if you had any pics of the install ? I looked thru the threads about the CHARGER and could not find a completed install for a Challenger . I just bought 2010 SRT. color is Plum Crazy, And want to put the 5 heads on , 3 front and 2 rear. Also where did you find the headlight covers noted ? I have been looking all over for them.
    4. RedRocket
      Very well, Bert.
      Better hurry-up...there's no telling how long this warm weather is going to last. Sure has been great for my wallet not having to buy home heating oil b/c we're having sub-zero temps !
      I have several Lidar guns for use to make sure your install is fully functioning.
    5. Bert
      Hey Red, thanks so much for the offer, I really appreciate that!! Yes, the car doesn't get driven in the rain etc. unless I get caught in it.. lol If I decide to finish this up i will let you know.. Again, thank you, that's really nice of you, it also makes me feel much better!!
    6. kpatz
      I'm sure my PL3 can, don't know about my aging eyeballs doing it though. ;)
    7. RedRocket
      No,I wish I had 8x scope (Model B) would be perfect for that distance.I can see the car at that distance(& farther,too) by eye w/o problem.At night would be even easier to spot taillights.
      I will admit I can't see LP or taillights at that I gently&slowly "pan" around trying to find it.
      Your PL3 should do 6000' no problem.
    8. kpatz
      Cool... does the LA have a magnified scope in order to see what you're shooting at that range? I don't think I could pinpoint a car at that distance with my PL3.
    9. RedRocket
      I was the shooter,yesterday.After stopping at Admiral Metals in Woburn for LJ bracket stock I headed home.Stopped at jct. of Rt.128 & Rt. 3N in Burlington.Went to shoulder & pulled out the LaserAtlanta.Only spent ~5min+ b/c frequently "patrolled" w/ Staties.Long view has to be 11-12,000'.I believe I'm still not close to the limits of this gun.All shots handheld,I'll get longest distance on a Tripod I'm sure.
    10. kpatz
      Looongest Lidar shot: 9001.9' @ -71.4mph (PSL 55mph)
      Curious... were you the shooter or the shootee? Do you know what gun?
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