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    Modifying your daily - where do you draw the line

    Reliable _________< Line Unreliable
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    INFO Transition Successful!

    Thanks guys!
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    V1 WILL be updated

    OT, but @imaitguy , is you avatar from Cowboy Bebop?
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    V1 WILL be updated

    I think one of the bigger reasons there has been so much speculation of a "new" V1 is the delay on availability. The time frame shouldn't have been so long just because of a supply issue with a part they've been using for years. If they are truly adding BT to the board this delay would make a...
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    CPU Mount Ideas & Materials

    What was @chakeubeam using for material? I would think ABS should hold up well.
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    R3 Mounts No Longer Work With The R3

    Thanks for the vid. I'm still pretty sure the issue is with your plastic clip. After you open the unit, there are, IIRC, 3 screws that hold the plastic clip in place. Unfortunately, the plastic itself is the spring and it may be deformed as well as rounded at the edges were it clicks into the...
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    R3 Mounts No Longer Work With The R3

    Most likely you have a problem with the plastic "spring" clip deforming due to having it constantly depressed. This can happen when using certain mounts (possibly the DFR6 mount) that press against the release button or by not having it all the way clicked in to a mount. Check and see if the...
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    Koalas are dumb

    With their evolutionary shortfalls, I wonder if they could evolve some day to use paragraphs.............. :hmm: ;)
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    New to RDFORUM

    Welcome to the forum! Valentine radar is tighter than (some euphemism I should probably avoid) so nobody really knows what's coming next.
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    TMG blown fuse mystery

    I've run into head issues as well. Contact @Jag42 and he'll take care of you. Most likely nothing is wrong with the CPU. It seems sometimes a bad head will just blow the fuse with no prior warning and other times it can present as a false first as a sign that it's about to go. I believe I'm...
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    R7 set up correctly?

    Find a Walgreens or a WalMart and sit in the parking lot with your detector on. Also, roll down a window and put the detector outside your car to see if it alerts. Some cars have nasty windshields and windows that can block signals. If you still don't get an alert with those settings and a...
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    Hello from NJ

    Welcome to the forum! Good choice on the R7
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    R7 set up correctly?

    Depends on your other settings. If K band is off, which seems like it may be the case since you aren't picking up anytying at a strip mall with known K falses, then Highway mode won't make a difference. Please post your settings and we'll have a look.
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    Will tinting my rear windows (rear side and rear windshield) with metallized tint affect performance?

    It will affect performance. How much really can't be determined without testing but it could be significant and I wouldn't risk it. It can act basically like a Faraday cage.