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    New to site

    Welcome to RDF Rick!
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    R7 Question before purchase

    I'm direct wired and haven't used the power plug in a long time but IIRC it's the same as the r1 and the r3 so you can use the mute button on the power cord to record to mute memory.
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    Price Proposal

    What? I can't hear you.....could you try typing a little louder?
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    Other "Check out my brand new Lexus"

    LEO must have been holding that PL3 on them way too long. Sigh.....they just can't be satisfied with ants and magnifying glasses.
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    Ka Falses and/or sensitivity driving wife crazy

    I agree, swap detectors and then try swapping cars. You'll have narrowed it down then.
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    Got hit by laser

    The short answer is that they are detectable but some detectors filter out their signals as false alerts. This is a fault in the filtering.
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    Get RCM or wait for Theia

    My advice would be to get the ALP and an inexpensive windshield mount detector for now. There's not a big advantage in an RCM versus a much less expensive detector if you're waiting for Theia anyway, so you can definitely save your money there.
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    Newcomer to the forum

    Welcome to RDF! It's an exciting year for countermeasures and now you've got a front row ticket!
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    Radenso Theia pre-order email list!

    I retried and I received the email this time too...... They must have fixed the issue.
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    R7 New firmware 1.29 discussion and Issue / Suggestion Updates

    The point with the menu is that Uniden may be worried about adding all the advanced options that enthusiasts require because it's already cluttered and probably confusing for basic users. If the menu is easier to navigate and more intuitive, this removes that concern, giving us more options and...
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    R7 New firmware 1.29 discussion and Issue / Suggestion Updates

    I had a go at the menu clutter issue:
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    Uniden R Series Menu Proposal

    Ok, I couldn't help myself but fart around a bit more with this. This is an even more simplified and intuitive menu structure: Highway, City and Advanced are there right away for the choosing. Here it is collapsed: Here's a couple nodes expanded all the way out Hopefully you can see how...
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    Radenso Theia pre-order email list!

    I think there is an issue with some addresses. I believe @Randy at Radenso is looking into it.
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    Radenso Theia pre-order email list!

    Signed up and waiting for the confirmation link. :) Servers must be bogged down already. Better fire up RAI and have it help out!
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    Uniden R Series Menu Proposal

    Thanks! I really do think this would be a great way to go about this and shouldn't be too difficult to code......I mean, I just did it. The menu in the screenshots above actually functions in HTML and Javascript. When they come to complain to me about something I always ask my employees to...