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    Stealth REDFLEX beats Redline EX

    Were you only using Seg1 for K band or scanning the entire band? Maybe this camera was set higher above 24.110 range and Seg2 was needed for detection.
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    Uniden R7 NZ

    My mate has just purchased a NZ R7, thought I would check what software version it was running. Turns out to be 125.124.112 no new additions to the menu that I could see, anyone know the changes from my ver 124?
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    NZ Chat thread - Post anything related to CM

    On the way back from Auckland passed 2 Redflex Mobile Speed Cameras. The Waikato Express Way camera was 24.008 and the Tirau camera was 24.090, looks like different regions set to different frequencies.
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    Uniden R7 NZ

    I have a VF Commodore and with the rear antenna of the R7, yes it is unusable in Highway mode on K band. City mode is ok or Advanced with K band set to 50%, not ideal as you need max sensitivity for the Redflex. Hardly ever get a front false 99% from the rear antenna. On the Holden My Link you...
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    Just came across Ka 35.483 - Christchurch

    100% from the bus. Follow it next time, definitely not Police radar.
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    Just came across Ka 35.483 - Christchurch

    Hi guys, the answer to the 35.5 Ka band alerts is in the video. In Taupo I receive the same 35.5 Ka false and the source is the local Taupo BUS. Every time I receive the alert the same BUS appears. Not sure why a bus is running Ka radar but this is 100% the source of the alert, Cheers.
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    Hi guys new to the Forum but have kept an eye on your post for a while. Joined because I have an answer to a 35.5 Ka band post, Cheers.