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    Idea: Announcing Speed Limits

    Cool feature. I just enabled it. And I do like the KISS "30 limit" idea. Which, speaking of, is there a way to disable the police report announcement stating unconfirmed or # of thumbs up? To me, the "x minutes ago" is more important than whether or not someone confirmed it with the other...
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    Mobile phone laser falses

    For my Galaxy S9, I would get tons of laser falses depending on the brightness and angle of my phone screen and angle of detector. It usually happened when dark, too. Try adjusting the angles of the devices and you should be okay. And, it has nothing to do with anything outside of the RD or...
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    New V1C-LE Swap - no connection

    Have you used it? Better latency times? I have one false that starts at like 4 dots and my V1 alerts a lot before it gets muted, so this would be one case I would like to have an LE.
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    sort and delete alerts based on frequency?

    Or maybe a heat map that only shows CO and IO marked alerts? I encounter so few, that I can easily mark them.
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    K boxes, band+frequency announcements

    Yeah, the new settings are great... I'm turning off the band announcement for K band as well, and just going frequency. My V1 audible alert signifies the band easily.
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    1.5.11 released

    Wow.. so fast! Now, I need to figure out how to optimize the settings. Awesome! So the Master settings are applied to all Bands... I assume. So here's what I'll try: Announce Type (Master): Band (default) Announce Box (Master): Instead of band/frequency - since I don't care to know X band...
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    K boxes, band+frequency announcements

    So, I did have my setup such that: K Band Boxes: Box 1: 24.070-24.195, not announced Announcement Type: Band (default) Announce Box - Instead of band/frequency (default) Announce ITB off Announce OTB on And this was pretty good, as I would hear: K-band 24.096 Ahead (for 24.096) or K-band...
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    1.5.10 released

    I've been wondering: what does JBV1 do when a GM A and B frequency are received and then another GM A or B frequency is received. Does it start alerting to the new frequency until the 2nd pair is complete, or does the 3rd frequency get muted too? Thinking of a case where there is a GM and a...
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    BSM with JBV1

    I posted a question here, but think it is better asked on the new release thread.
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    Traffic on maps?

    I've used this app called Raindar that has traffic and radar overlaid together. I wonder how they do it. I'm always amazed at the level of complexity and awesomeness JB has put into JBV1.
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    Since apps like W(h)aze are still crowd sourced data, we're basically at a more modern version of the CB radio channel 19. Something I do miss about Channel 19 is the level of detail that can be gathered hands free (the southbound lanes were flooded 2 miles back, you may want to exit here)...
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    1.5.9 released

    I have my in the box range set for 24.070-24.195, and I could probably tighten it up based on what I've encountered, but I think blocking anything in the 24.157 range is risky. Maybe create your own box mute for a level? Oh, and I remembered, my Kia Sorento would make my old version V1 go ape...
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    AutoMute PSL+

    Re PSL: you can get an openstreetmap account and edit the speed limits if you know they're wrong in your area. Sometimes when I'm driving over a cross-road, I get flagged for overspeed. I wish my dashcam didn't hear "overspeed" all the time though. Maybe we could have user editable text as...
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    Which dongle is best?

    I want to get a V1C-LE to replace my V1C, as well.. but don't want to buy a new one.
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    1.5.4 released

    My auto-start has been working again since the update to 1.5.5. Thanks for fixing it, JB! As a side note, if your wife sends you Facebook messenger messages at the same time running JBV1 overlay on top of Whaze, sometimes, the FB Messenger overlay causes strange things to happen on phones...