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    $4 Dash Cam

    Absolutely NOT. Those cheap adapters create so much interference to nearby radio equipment.
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    2006 Mercury Milan ZW5 Duals Placement

    I wonder if the grille from the ford fusion will fit in.
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    Hot wheels radar gun

    Not worth bothering with. Had one and ended up selling it. For what they are going for these days ($40-50) just add like $10 more and get a real radar gun.
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    Spoiler Alert! - V1 Gen2 First Photos

    Looks like a R7
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    Heya from Seattle!

    Welcome, enjoy your stay.
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    Difference between Pro 78SE versions

    Only difference between them is the OLED display and TFSR. Rest of the internals are the same. They are not very good performers these days.
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    Difference between Pro 78SE versions

    The one with TSFR is newer and will false less on K band with TFSR turned on.
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    VPR Head- All Questions Here

    History. He said he was done with this place and left in a hurry.
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    From Vancouver area

    Welcome to RDF
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    Vancouver BC

    Welcome to RDF
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    Hello all from Surrey BC

    Welcome to RDF
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    Radar R3+TMG vs K 24.124 and DETC

    I think it was through the windshield. I didn't notice anyone standing outside with the gun.
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    Radar R3+TMG vs K 24.124 and DETC

    R3 was in highway mode. I initially picked up 24.124 and as I came around the corner there was a brief 24.185 false that is always in that spot. Moments later back to 24.124 and it ramped up faster. I slow down and right when I'm at the PSL the DE hits me.
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    TMG VPR Test Results from Vancouver - Feb16, 2020

    @Transporter you wanted to see this full setup. The G1 heads are all bit low. The VPR head added for this test and the middle G1 head below the plate was disconnected.