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    If everything goes ok I am looking into a baby monitor but what's the I/O for a baby? Do babies accept HDMI or DVI?! Any recommendations would be we

    Most babies accept USB, but the newer ones are moving to Mini-Display ports
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    Epstein dead by suicide

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    What I typically do to avoid this possibility is press the report button as I'm passing the LEO, but don't completely submit it until I've driven far away (or until someone else is passing the LEO haha). That way the report will be in the right location but delayed, so not directly linked to...
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    Suggestion Push notifications

    You could probably achieve this on Android using Tasker but if I'm remembering correctly, you're an iOS guy right ? EDIT- Nevermind I'm dumb. Just reread the OP. Yes you use iOS.
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    Twin babies found dead and ‘foaming at the mouth’ in back of Bronx car

    After reading the article, it really does sound like he didn't do it intentionally (although the blatant negligence is insane here). But I'm trying to figure out, what happened to him that day to make him forget that he left is 1 year olds in the car ?! I mean you don't just forget things like that.
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    Twin babies found dead and ‘foaming at the mouth’ in back of Bronx car

    "Twin 1-year-old babies were found dead and foaming at the mouths in the back of a car in The Bronx on Friday — after being left in the hot vehicle for eight hours by their father, who told cops he had forgotten they were there, law-enforcement sources told The Post." Link to New York Post
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    Hiding ALP CPU

    That is a very saussie thing to do.
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    New Member - Hi Everyone

    Nice detector! And welcome aboard!
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    Stolen R7 SN# 9A002463

    Let local pawn shops know the serial number, check eBay listings, download apps OfferUp and LetGo to search local listings, and check CraigsList. Hate this happen to you but glad you maintained a positive attitude! Hope it finds its way back to you !
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    Rules & Regs Promotions & Permissions

    Ok nice! So 0 x 2 = 0 ! Great !
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    old people get away with anything

    The famous poet John Keats, who I should add was critical of religion, once defined negative capability as, "when a man is capable of being in uncertainties, Mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact & reason." John Keats would argue that the ability to experience or...
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    Will turning laser off on my R3 make it even faster?

    I would say if it ain't broke don't fix it.
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    Will turning laser off on my R3 make it even faster?

    Thanks for digging! I forgot I had actually tested laser on/off.
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    TMG Infiniti Falses

    Did you request to remove Traffipatrol algo's in the next update?

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