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    R1/R3 v1.50 Firmware Released

    Did 1.48 have the same delay as 1.46 when it came to K band ?
  2. DocTJ

    Other Karma pass at +10ish

    hahahah "Awwwh ****" love it
  3. DocTJ

    Lidar ALP vs PL3 in GA

    Thank you! And yes, i wish he would ticket the others for riding the Left lane (regardless if going speed limit or not)
  4. DocTJ

    Lidar ALP vs PL3 in GA

    West Point YES! 2 Rx side mounted and 1 Tx center mounted, both front and rear setup. Maybe kept shooting at me so he can tell me "Ill get you next time, and i know what youre up to"
  5. DocTJ

    Lidar ALP vs PL3 in GA

    Appreciate it. Will have to update. I keep forgetting.
  6. DocTJ

    Lidar ALP vs PL3 in GA

    In GA: The valentine is heard going off in the second half of the video here and there. Laser is disabled on my r3. Still working on my JTK time.
  7. DocTJ

    Radar Typical Speed Trap R3 34.725

    LEO @ 2:38 for those interested. Great range.
  8. DocTJ

    Radar Though I was dead meat.

    Running both R1 and V1 together? You did well man :hfive:
  9. DocTJ

    Fun Times...

  10. DocTJ

    Got lucky

    Who is Nelly? jk glad youre ok lol
  11. DocTJ

    My R3 vs. R7 Comparison

    Thanks for your input.
  12. DocTJ

    Trying my R3 again for a day after a couple months with the R7

    in agreement with the K band difference. Catches it a while away compared to the R3. The Ka is about the same id say.
  13. DocTJ

    Massive buyers remorse after buying an R7

    sorry :/
  14. DocTJ

    Uniden R1/R3 Next Firmware

    yup or auto-mute or auto low volume for 24.200+/- 0.02 or whatever, if segmentation isn't an option in case some people have true threats at that frequency.

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