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    My great 16 year run was fun while it lasted

    Thanks for the story and the pics too. Nice to have you here.
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    Hi I'm new

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    Other The OFFICIAL idiot drivers thread

    @V1Jake I want to get you a train horn since you use yours so much (Appropriately), lol
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    My hero.

    This is great. Sometimes I just wish some hero would go out at night with a blacked out, fully stealth pickup truck, and some rope/chain and just knock em all down. But then our tax dollars have to put them back up :(
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    GATG results on my 2011 Mustang install

    Nice guy and nice install. Love how stealthy it is. Thanks for driving to us 👍 Looking forward to next time.
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    Sold/Ended Very vintage V1

    some poor soul that doesnt know about the changes that exist inside will end up picking it up for full price thinking they snagged a deal since not available from v1 directly, and it looks similar to them.
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    My fun driving with my wife

    Actually she remained calmer than usual and calmer than i expected after that van pulled in front of her. I’d have laid on the horn or just went to the right lane and not cared. She was too calm In that one Lolol
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    My fun driving with my wife

    That light was too close to call lol so I’m with you. Also I bet she’s going to have high blood pressure In a few years if she doesn’t already. We can’t fix stupid (other drivers) , we can only change how we deal with it . 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Almost got t-boned the other week...

    glad he wasnt going faster and glad you didnt fly out good save.
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    18 years laser experience with companies

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    GATG Poll to check interest in a Fall/Winter Meet

    @Transporter PM us info and stuff when you get a chance later today please.
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    GATG Poll to check interest in a Fall/Winter Meet

    @oktavf come in with a hangover. No judging here. Lol
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    New Guy

    welcome. tell us more about you
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    GATG Poll to check interest in a Fall/Winter Meet

    depending on the time, I am committed lol after 130p works best for me. will bring corded Stalker ATR 34.7, and corded PL3