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Sep 12, 2018
Mar 17, 2012
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San Antonio, TX.

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Benji United States

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Sep 12, 2018
    1. The Only Sarge
      The Only Sarge
      See your in SA. I am 13 miles outside of Boerne myself. Try and stay away from SA :)
      Just saying hi.....
    2. N8N
      Hi Benji, saw you were having problems with your PMs, drop me an email n8nagel at gmail dot com, I got some rough pricing to ship your wheels yesterday just wanted to know which way you wanted to go with them. I'll need your phone no. as well to keep FedEx happy, they were way cheaper than the other options I looked at.
    3. DetectorDan
      Hi Benji,

      Do you have a link to the exact Nexus 7 tablet you have that runs YaV1? Been checking for BT specs to try and ensure SPP profile is supported. I may consider buying one instead of obtaining a Galaxy S2. If you have other tablet suggestions, please let me know. Thanks for sharing your setup - I look forward to trying out similar things with my V1 that's coming soon

    4. francky06l
      Hello Benji

      Yes I did read the server (clouds offer), the app is not there yet .. but will come to I guess ..
      Concerning the cloud, as I wish to collect data, is there anyway to get a bit of space in SFTP / FTP manner in order users to post their logging alert files (once i have done the changes in the app to collect true/false) ?

      Maybe my email direct is easier for talking,

      Really no source for speed trap, speed camera, red light in US ?

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