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    Have you met her?

    Interesting I have a Kustom Golden Eagle that frequency hops from 34.8 to 35.3... I thought it was a one off until I saw this... No issues with range or speed but it's all over the place. This has caused me to set Ka Wide and scan the total KA band instead of narrow. With that it's been...
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    Radenso office tour

    Great video and love the office space! Maybe I missed this in a previous forum but didn't see Kuni's workspace. Is he one of the remotes? Really appreciate the view "under the hood"!
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    Valentine Reliability.

    I bought my first V1 in '92, and am on my 4th unit (upgrades, new units, ESP etc). Bulletproof..... I can read it like a book on whether or not the signal is radar or a false alert. That said the only issue I had early on is with frequency drift but the latest version is rock solid. My...
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    R1/R3 1.48 Firmware NO OFF TOPIC POSTS

    Update on my settings, city, k filter on, ka filter off, k wide, ka wide, tsf off, mcrd off. Did a factory reset as well. Hope this helps.
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    R1/R3 1.48 Firmware NO OFF TOPIC POSTS

    A week under my belt with 1.48 and I agree with many on the post, it's like 1.37 with the added benefits. No lag in 35.5 or 34.7 like I was experiencing with 1.46 with the Kustom and Stalker guns. I've tested it also with the K 24.122 and 24.143 and you can still quick trigger without an...
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    R3 performance reduction on 1.46

    Good question, no I did not have Ka Guard off. I've never run it with that setting but I will certainly give it a try. Thanks! Great questions. I tried it with each of the above settings except TSR. Ka wide and narrow, Filter, MCRD. I couldn't get a noticable difference by changing any...
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    R3 performance reduction on 1.46

    Yes I did and made sure settings were the same as before the update. I even played with K filtering, and Pop settings, even Redlight camera, all with no improvement. Hoping I'm not the only one with this experience but wanted to post it for reference and to see if anyone had any other...
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    R3 performance reduction on 1.46

    New to the forum but have been a V1 user since it's inception. Bought the R3 last year and have loved it ever since. But the upgrade to 1.46 definitely has some degradation in certain performance areas as many have noted. I did the firmware update and then went on a 500 mile round trip...
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    Just joined the forum, some great information!!!