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    News: Safe Storage of Guns to Prevent Suicide

    I'm a huge gun fan and more importantly 2nd amendment guy. That much being said, my M-i-L contacted my wife about taking her Dad's guns once he reached late stage Parkinson's and became suicidal/violent. Since his passing, she's asked that I continue to store them until a time that the...
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    Butt Hurt Camaro Driver

    @erickonphoenix , are we just going to sit here and take this?
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    My Intro

    Nice choice in radar detectors. Welcome to RDF!
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    Butt Hurt Camaro Driver

    Now why do we have to be picking on Camaro drivers this AM?
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    Lurker with a Request

    Oh man, don't I feel like an ass now! I'm glad you still have old acquaintances that can speak out for you to get this worked out. Very clever of @whitedove to reach out on your behalf. Glad to see you here!!!
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    Lurker with a Request

    Do you not have access to this post?
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    Transition Successful!

    Any advanced. I don't have access to reply to my own thread in Adv. Non-Man. It's no biggie right now though
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    Transition Successful!

    I'm sure it's just some migration issues. I can view Adv. but don't have sufficient privileges to reply. As suggested, let's give the admin some time and these things will be worked out
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    IF R3 dies what should I get?

    Hmm, direct wire into the stereo and get Ka bird chirps in surround?
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    IF R3 dies what should I get?

    Well if you want an upgrade the new V1 is only two weeks out.:p
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    IF R3 dies what should I get?

    Honestly, if it's for your wife and she doesn't want/need arrows then I would recommend the Pro-M hands down.
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    The ugly side of low gas price: 36-Pack of condoms in Venezuela now costs $755

    Still cheap compared with the alternative...
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    Chad your honor, integrity, loyalty, and general professionalism has not gone unnoticed. You are a good man to go through all that you have and deserve to hold your head up. A true heartfelt thanks for giving so much of yourself and seeing the process through. You will sorely be missed and I...
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    See you on the other side...

    Thanks for all you've done for the community and I look forward to seeing you on the flip side!
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    Now with heat maps!

    Yeah this is cool and showing a lot of promise. It is slow but compared to what I accomplished you look like Einstein!