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    Video: Radenso Theia Development Update

    I don't think the cloners will really stand a chance. The real magic is the programmer/s for the FPGA. Without that sort of expert experience it's going to be hard to duplicate. Keep in mind Escort already had a FPGA in their Max 360c but the programming didn't maximize the functionality.
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    Auction eBay: Stalker Direction Sensing Speed Trailer

    @hiddencam wouldn't have to make up stories for nosey neighbors if he had one of these 😉.
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    INFO TMG VPR Head Test

    Thanks @RaggedEdge for putting in the time and effort to do this test. Also, thanks to @Jag42 for the continued effort to better TMG's LJs. It's promising to see the improvements and I look forward to seeing what the future development brings.
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    Welcome to RDF!
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    RIP Paul (UPMan)

    That's horrible. I remember Charles discussing his absence when his illness was first discovered and how much knowledge was missing from the office. The radio community lost a great mentor.
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    Radar detector rentals?

    That's 100% completely understandable and I appreciate your feedback.
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    Radar detector rentals?

    Have you ever considered a "try it before you buy it" or "love it or leave it" type program? I'm certainly no businessman but I wonder if this could be another revenue stream for those big box returns rather than just a typical inventory close out? Certainly the major operating expenses would be...
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    New guy

    Welcome @Kurt870! You've received some really good advice this far. Specific to NWA, I would start with running the R3 in Advanced made turning X band off, setting K at 60%, running Ka Segmented with bands 2,4,5,6, and 8. Like @thebravo said, turn TSF on, K filter on, and K block on. I would...
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    Antenna ground options

    This is some really good quality advice! I've always known about the Allen screws making the ground for the NMO mount but have never considered verifying a positive ground for the trunk lid. Thanks a million!
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    Will Rogers Turnpike.

    OHP has been hitting all major highways around Tulsa pretty hard over the last year. It's time to keep your eyes peeled if you're traveling anywhere between now and New Year's.
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    800mhz antenna options - input needed

    What about the ground plane of a lip mount vs a mag mount?
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    800mhz antenna options - input needed

    I had this conversation with the radio guy at work last year. His advice, "Don't waste your money for less than 5 db gain."
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    I gotta question how wide is the laser jammer beam

    This man know trigonometry!
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    Uniden BCD436HP GPS Mod

    You and @jonwienke working in tandem to modify scanners... I've died and gone to heaven!
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    New Guy

    Welcome Jon! As an owner of the BCD436HP, I'm definitely familiar with your work over on RR. Quality stuff! Hopefully you find RDF warm and inviting and will hang around to share your knowledge with us.