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    Mirror Tap w/ V1Connection Options

    I'm running my new V1 with the provided power supply. Looking to hard wire via a mirror tap or through the fuse box and mount with a BlendMount. As i'm looking into the options, I am realizing i'll need an appropriate connection for the BT module. I've looking at the options and I'm only...
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    Regional Recommendation - Valentine One vs. Uniden R3

    I 100% agree, but in the off chance it provides a heads up (even 1 time) it'll be absolutely worth it. I can tell you the driver's down here are reckless with their speed, and I'm highly aware of the blind corners and adjust accordingly. Longer range straight away LIDAR activity is my primary...
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    Regional Recommendation - Valentine One vs. Uniden R3

    Wow, excellent excellent feedback from everyone. Thank you all for the time you put into crafting the pro's for each. I will say that I am extremely flexible and OK with pairing my phone and taking the time to set up either option properly. I absolutely value the arrow functionality of V1, and...
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    Regional Recommendation - Valentine One vs. Uniden R3

    Hello all, this is my first post but I have been reading through all the great resources and following along with the healthy banter for months now, as I research the most appropriate detector for my specific environment. Full disclosure, I over analyze everything I purchase in life which...